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APA Style Research Paper Format

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While using research paper or term paper formats, it is necessary to know the specifications of the styles as each one is unique in its nature and methods. There are various documentation styles which are used very commonly in academia. One of them is the APA style research paper format. This style was developed by the American psychological Association. It is highly preferred for the documentation of research papers in sociology, psychology etc.

The unique nature of the APA format

There are many ways by which you can learn the APA style. You can check out APA style guides and examples of APA format papers on the "do my homework" website. There are certain basic features which distinguish the APA style research paper format from the other documentation styles.

• The running head: In other commonly used formats like the MLA and the Chicago style, the title appears only on the title page. But in APA style documentation, a short title or a part of your complete title is repeated on all pages on the top right hand corner, alongside the page number. This phrase is called the ‘running head’. A good running head, even on being only a part of the title, would effectively convey the content of the paper.
• The footnotes: Unlike other research paper documentation formats, the APA style strictly forbids the use of footnotes for reference purposes. Footnotes are indeed permitted; but for a different purpose. There are occasions when you will need to give your readers additional information on certain parts of your text. These pieces of information would be too irrelevant to be included in your paper but highly useful for future reference purposes. The APA style promotes the use of footnotes for the purpose of giving that type of information to your readers.
• The bibliography: The APA style research paper format requires you to present a separate section for detailed bibliographical information. This section is to be headed ‘References’ and should start on a fresh page. The information is to be arranged alphabetically as per the surnames of the authors. The details are to be given as ‘Author’s name (surname first), Year of publication (in brackets), Title, Place of publishing: Publisher’. There are different methods of citing the various types of sources. This must be ascertained by referring to the style manual of the APA format.

It is easy to format your paper once you learn the basics of the style you are using. It must also be remembered that the APA style keeps getting updated at regular intervals. Certain rules and specifications change, to suit the changing requirements of research paper documentation. Hence, you must always ensure that you are referring to the latest edition of the style manual.

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