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Thread: Heartbreak Freestyle

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    Re: Heartbreak Freestyle

    @DixonButts I believe I was high jacked again!!!!!!! FOR WHAT??? Like what the fuck or you stupid bitches even doing?????? @frankiemc SERIOUSLY @DixonButts you better start talking cause you not gonna get away with libel and slandering me. ESPECIALLY.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Ok so MY feedback and how I relate. 3 days is my mourning period too. I have a good heart but I realized I never had a heart that even knew what love was since what ever happened when I was 14 that they put me back in day hospital cause of. I can't ever make sense of logic cause I see from so many angles as a nature. It really can be anything a lot and I hate to assume. "Everything you chose is something YOU do" and my brother gave me the choices lecture. I agree but on some level I don't always because sometimes people angle in and try to manipulate your choice. So you don't have too many options. And I know half my wrong turns was like fuck it - keep that sin too cause going to this liquor store is hardly shit compared. Shit, I'll get drunk again - so God who's choice was that? AND etc, etc, etc. I had friends that manipulated me a lot. Because I am kinda naive to that to ever think they would hate me and pretend to be my friends. I don't act like that, I didn't expect it. And also I'm very follow my heart and follow signs too. I don't logically make "decisions" often. So when I do I wrote my map to help me. That's since been lost but it's ok cause I memorized most of it.

    AND that's how I feel FEEDBACK should be - you all swear you some fucking professionals to critique and criticize someone's shit so unless you are and here to help fine. But otherwise... shut up. And where ever they STOLE that quote and context from was on one of my posts that said most mine I been throwing up are drafts. I'll go back and critique them later if there ever is a need to. I just wanted to get the concept and the moment and feeling at the time out.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Like I say a lot, there's no points in hitting a paraplegic - making the crazy girl look even crazier... cute bitch. You lucky that after snapping my pandora bracelet by accident I decided I probably shouldn't hit anyone ever again. I'd hate to kill them by accident.
    "Lets go deep inside the solitary mind of a madman who screams in the dark"
    ~ Hail Mary (Tupac)

    Death was easy, it was the defrib and coming back to life that hurt most - CLA

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