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Thread: Challenge.5 :: Imitation

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    Challenge.5 :: Imitation

    "Imitation is the sincerest of flattery."
    -- Charles Caleb Colton

    Choose a favorite poem by any author
    (professional, published, or published on RB)
    and recreate your own version of it,
    doing your best to imitate the author's style.

    Post in this thread, along with a link to
    where we can find the original inspiration piece online.

    Feel free to post in Poetic Scriptures
    (after leaving feedback, of course)
    and have fun!

    I will start us off so you know what I mean.

    Sources for poems:

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    Re: Challenge.5 :: Imitation

    after... i have found what you are like by ee cummings ... the abi version

    i have come to see that you are
    most like
    the sun

    (who each day prods the quiet calm of night with
    whispered fingers, light

    upon the darkness of morning cheek

    gentle upon buds to
    open as hands unfolding
    to hold hearts
    as timid flowers

    hunger for new light
    in the day's eternity


    shall wax

    so long as you


    And the soul-fire of your eyes is but
    the horizon towards which i travel
    with arms (open as the hands
    that hold all of myself)

    and reaching

    for echoes of

    your touch

    ps... abi punchlines are played

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    Re: Challenge.5 :: Imitation

    I based mine off "The Rabbit Catcher" by Sylvia Plath.
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    Re: Challenge.5 :: Imitation

    Woman Ignites While Soaking Hair in Gasoline

    To kill off head lice. Imagine the heavy, plastic gas can
    near the water heater. See a young woman and the quiet
    moments passing: her hopes that infested head might
    empty again. Suddenly licked by flame from the water
    heater’s pilot light, her hair goes up quick— a field
    burning that has no season ahead to prepare for. Its heat
    spread. Her scalp curled black, scorched under gasoline,
    peeling like bark in a high wind. Human bloom. How
    loud the flesh must have crackled and spit in her ears,
    some dirge her body sang just as the fire crews reached
    that five-hundred dollar-a-month, basement apartment.
    Her body smoldering on the floor with burns, second
    degree and third, boiling up on her skin. Renewed by
    the fire’s long burn over her. Think anguish, but, also,
    her body relearning touch. Think feeling, again, for
    the first time and how long it burned before starting
    over seemed a proper thing to do.

    after Ross Gay's "Man Tries to Commit Suicide With a Crossbow".
    "Dying Is An Art"
    -Sylvia Plath

    Not really. Save the song
    the sickle sings, we expire the same: lights out.
    -- Ross Gay, "Dying Is An Art"

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