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    30 days of Shadow

    Don't forget to number your posts... and have fun!

    ps... abi punchlines are played

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    Re: 30 days of Shadow

    Day 1

    Love my

    My raining eyes
    reflect smiley feelings
    Im pressed to say
    Nothing with guilt
    My lungs hold despair
    I inhale tobacco smoothly;
    Exhaling poetry

    My sensible ears whisper
    to my melting brain
    a secret of destruction
    that the world screams to me.

    Day 2

    Bullets yelp past my dogs head
    I hold my bitch closely
    so the puppies can bark back brightly
    one day, sometime;
    we will bury the everlasting bone(S)
    chasm deep
    so the blood hounds wont smell our sins

    Day 3

    Pilots roar over cotton balls
    Gently killing gentlemen
    Boys litter the streets
    garbage the world threw out
    moms dirty bodied
    but clean minded
    drape their protection
    over 4 year old eyes
    tulips crown the dead kings and queens
    rose-filled air sarcastically lingers
    over rotting faith and hope.

    Day 4

    God is on this earth
    ever present
    ever loving
    all knowing, all glowing
    dark midsts flee before his spirit.
    for love frightens the lonely
    the devil rejoices in our sins
    preaching false joy he enslaves us
    1 hour and 30 minutes of high
    1 eternity of suffering, and grief
    The lord's veil is before our eyes
    so that we may choose right from wrong
    White skin can be worn by black men
    black skin is worn by many

    Day 5

    Love is richest when we're poor
    love feeds a family;
    cabbage and joy
    love feeds our soul;
    with smiles for miles
    love feeds the saints
    the angels
    the blind of heart
    the sick of mind
    dry of feeling
    It gives quench to desert tongues
    love pours over all unourished life
    we grow from seeds
    love is our son, the lord
    our H20
    we grow or dwindle
    we live or die alive
    Love loves lovingly

    Day 6

    Sadness condenses
    in our empty hearts
    and floods our minds
    with depression
    It sucks all our energy
    converting it into tears

    our sadness turns to hate
    hate for ourselves
    hate, hates love
    it cringes at its image
    it cannot be in its presence
    it dresses in lies;
    deceit, jealousy, pride,
    monstrous guilt

    Hate is happy
    when love is sad.

    Day 7

    My light shines before me
    lifting my soul from earth
    showering my face
    with dancing joy
    sprinkling my eyes
    with giant grins

    My light is god
    my light is my savior
    I am a light to the world
    I so shine
    that they may see my good works
    and work in the good
    shoulder to shoulder
    with my brother I swell
    in faith and pure joy

    Day 8

    I knew joy as a child
    she left me
    from age teen
    to adult
    I saw her one day
    in my wifes eyes
    when I got married
    here pupils hugged me
    warmly embracing
    my loneliness
    Joy grew in me
    in my kids
    in my life
    love my

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