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Yo im free to write
Whats on my mind
I grab a pen
Then write a line
Scribble my thoughts
Frustrations and delights
Raw emotion and expressions
Enter s whole nother dimension
With hyper focused attention
I get down and get back up
Stand tall and refuse to fall
Whatever comes my way man
Ill combat it all
Until you brawl with the uncombatable
Incompatible with losses, boss shit
Rawest to spit so legit some are convinced I'm flawless
I'll admit I'm on a short list
My opponents have been known to forfeit
The rest get torched quick
I morph niggaz into horseshit
Endorsed by companies that lead fortune 500's
So I collect whenever I want, man why am I frontin
I guess it's for style?
I'm a family man like I lost in a hand to hand with Guile
Takes care of the fam all the while
Smoking on some shit you'd think was grown in the wild
Concrete jingle doesn't count and is no place to raise a child
Am I guilty of that? All I can do is smile
Sacrificed for a better life for me and my seeds
Making sure to secure what they need
And finding variety in what to feed a toddler is harder than you would believe
I cook more often and achieve results I thought was out of my league
Chef Boyardee ain't got nothing on me
I'm a G. like Garvin or Gordon Ramsey

-ill Finesse