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    Revelry, set as sheik, Nebuchadnezzar's seer and Djinn, deep from within'
    Seen as the sin, SIN of Darkness, Seep the heartless, eat your jargon; then spit it out
    Wicked mouth, liquids swords swordsman, gargle your mouthwash with saliva, then spit it out as phlegm (then spit a verse)
    Liquid girth, Liquid birth, mystic's worth, vivd verses of liquid curses
    Sinister syllables serpent snake, wrap my sheik around the Garden of Eden
    I harbor a demon, on the shores of Revelation; cleanse your solid with my liquid sedation
    Minister sinister, sister of serpents and snakes, purpose is fake
    surface awakes, learning today, in your face; burning your grace
    sermon of grace, sermon of flames, you write a verse for me? you'll spontaneously combust and burst into flames
    I'm serpent today, I'm discerning your faith, to hell you go, you'll burn as your fate
    Jesus Christ was right, I'll cut your cloth; shroud of turn; we're not cut from the same cloth
    Mine is white, you wave the white flag, you're a drag queen tag team, your flag drags (what a drag)
    Liquid Swords style, my accord and yours go hand and foot, only you'll serve me
    You couldn't serve as a servant, my faux of servitude, is I'm the fox and lore
    I didn't kill you, you killed yourself, fought your corpse, no remorse
    This verse if flames, you're going to hell, even with your key; you couldn't open Heaven's Door

    Nest time you try to test me, try this next time. LOL
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