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Thread: Freestyle Cypher

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    Re: Freestyle Cypher

    alot of these rappers are complete doo doo
    Shaka Zulu Bull Horn formation watch it maul through crews
    stab'em with despair. nah stab them with the spear
    hold'on, stab'em with diss paired with life lessons to last'em for a year
    shift the fuckin gear. i'm mamba in the clutch.
    2x4 to the mug, now let me see you rhyme with no tongue
    handling this shit like Kyrie or Allen in his prime
    i'll give u seventy-six reasons to never fuck with my kind
    or a green 4 leaflet to jot down next of kin when ur soul's touching the sky

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    Re: Freestyle Cypher

    Take ya slut. Bust a nut in her eye.
    She was sucking it dry.
    Luckily I... left before she could fucking reply.
    "What's up with this guy"? I'm down in the dumps.
    But don't get it twisted,
    I'll trash you with ease. Janitor's assets,
    I'm still a classic with keys.
    Fantastic, I seize every particle of life you got.
    Whether you like it or not.
    They're steady typing, I shot through the window,
    with the rifle, then cocked...
    the right hand, like I was Pac.
    And you were Lil Xan, saying some shit.
    But as SOON as they get confrontational, "I'm just playing! He's lit!"
    And that's as typical as those conversations will get.
    They don't think of the ramifications of it.
    All of you cocky queers, fighting with the possy,
    fear your change colors, like Tekashi's hair.
    But I'm more scarier than a Heihachi stare.
    Or the moment you were misbehaving, n' your
    grandma gets up out of that rocking chair.
    Or Apollo's "There.... 's no tomorrow" , here... removing
    of photo of the two of em' off of Rocky's mirror!
    Ugh. I'm on a different plane.
    Watch your title claim get stripped away.
    Your ride is low, call you Triple A.
    I take your style n' spit it out in the crowd, like I was Triple H.
    reciprocate the fact I'm whipping your ass, then let you pick a state.
    Or a map, for that matter, damn it!
    It doesn't matter, you'll get an organic taste.
    Of this candid ass kicking, till' it
    feels like I ran a race.
    Fuck the tutorial, I got the plan embraced.
    From the Cloverfield camera shakes
    to the canon of the Final Fantasy families stakes.
    You've never met a more enduring rapper.
    You'll probably have a heart attack if you thought of that.
    You'll probably wanna rap, but I won't let you.
    I'll even have the sound guy check you out, to make it authentic.
    Then direct you straight to the exit.
    This is my party, bitch. And you're not making the guest list.
    Hell, you'll be lucky to even know it's going down.
    But oh, you know it now.
    Fast forward and slow it down. But don't worry, there's a lot of
    fake invites to go around.
    I'm a go to town, like I was living remotely.
    Consider this only a bit of the flow living in ole me.
    Giving you what the normal civilians don't see.
    Syllables spill on top of the syllabus till hoes leak.

    I'm old. And I say mean things.


    Vincent☺☺☺ | Sammy | Vallus | Dose Blotter | Onceawhile | Celph Taut

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