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Thread: Freestyle Cypher

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    Re: Freestyle Cypher

    One step closer to being a god.
    They used their "scouters", but the readings were odd.
    Super, man. They believe in some one that's more evil than Zod.
    But generally, there's hesitation in that breath of air...
    Fear of preservation for life in case of it stepping there...
    They guess a prayer inside of confession's enough for this extra layer.
    But nah, it's too much dirt to wash.
    Deep in the sanctuary, the verse is lost...
    Living in the desert, dragging a hearse across...
    the Sahara... dilated pupils for those who wish to try...
    Bend on their knees for the lord, as rosaries kiss the sky...
    The Rainmaker they talked about in Looper, is an actual being...
    Natural, needing nothing other than air for the path you believe in...
    Sequence of sound desecrated... the mentality...
    Chivalry is dead, but alive and well is the cavalry...
    Dead cells drip from my body n' start shedding anew...
    You're getting a view of the human form, without medical tools...
    Subject matter aside, I'm the neurons inside of the logic...
    Comprised of Muhammad's following, n' designed to be disguised as a prophet...
    The objective they choose is nothing more than illusions...
    Before you can clue in... the pilots take it to 2 10ths...
    Too much books being judged by their covers to see it underneath...
    So the jaws that speak libel or idled when it is tongue and cheek.
    The template built. Potential to give the Gods a suspenseful thrill...
    Walking the middle utopia, ask the neutrals how the fences feel...
    You choose a side, or regret it... theory by design
    has been inside my genetics... it's based on the
    evolutionary blueprint they've tried to discredit...
    Homeward Bound... holding down too much substance
    for one post, approach it and boards will drown...
    A sequence so deep, the peaks are exposing sound...
    A King speech's a queen's reconnaissance
    Logic is absolutely subversive of common sense, when in politics..
    It's obvious I grip free will with such an ominous grip...
    The foundation in which the monolith sits, drifts into a fallen abyss..
    But all of this is nothing more then me giving you piece of mind...
    Each piece designed for my very essence to reach its prime...
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    Re: Freestyle Cypher

    ^Damn that's deep^
    And the water hasn't even touched my feet
    Talking to myself alone in my room in front of the mirror/ that mirror is a portal man/ who knows who's on the other side.

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