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Thread: Freestyle Cypher

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    Re: Freestyle Cypher

    One step closer to being a god.
    They used their "scouters", but the readings were odd.
    Super, man. They believe in some one that's more evil than Zod.
    But generally, there's hesitation in that breath of air...
    Fear of preservation for life in case of it stepping there...
    They guess a prayer inside of confession's enough for this extra layer.
    But nah, it's too much dirt to wash.
    Deep in the sanctuary, the verse is lost...
    Living in the desert, dragging a hearse across...
    the Sahara... dilated pupils for those who wish to try...
    Bend on their knees for the lord, as rosaries kiss the sky...
    The Rainmaker they talked about in Looper, is an actual being...
    Natural, needing nothing other than air for the path you believe in...
    Sequence of sound desecrated... the mentality...
    Chivalry is dead, but alive and well is the cavalry...
    Dead cells drip from my body n' start shedding anew...
    You're getting a view of the human form, without medical tools...
    Subject matter aside, I'm the neurons inside of the logic...
    Comprised of Muhammad's following, n' designed to be disguised as a prophet...
    The objective they choose is nothing more than illusions...
    Before you can clue in... the pilots take it to 2 10ths...
    Too much books being judged by their covers to see it underneath...
    So the jaws that speak libel or idled when it is tongue and cheek.
    The template built. Potential to give the Gods a suspenseful thrill...
    Walking the middle utopia, ask the neutrals how the fences feel...
    You choose a side, or regret it... theory by design
    has been inside my genetics... it's based on the
    evolutionary blueprint they've tried to discredit...
    Homeward Bound... holding down too much substance
    for one post, approach it and boards will drown...
    A sequence so deep, the peaks are exposing sound...
    A King speech's a queen's reconnaissance
    Logic is absolutely subversive of common sense, when in politics..
    It's obvious I grip free will with such an ominous grip...
    The foundation in which the monolith sits, drifts into a fallen abyss..
    But all of this is nothing more then me giving you piece of mind...
    Each piece designed for my very essence to reach its prime...
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    Re: Freestyle Cypher

    ^Damn that's deep^
    And the water hasn't even touched my feet
    Revolutionary Lover

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    Re: Freestyle Cypher

    thats some real dramtic shit- some real cinematic shit/
    the type of poetry only the ILL demographic gets/
    more than half of this is practice mixed with harsh emotion/
    honed craft in this art is my hearts devotion/
    fuck a gold calf- my whole STAFF can part an ocean/
    target the frozen grins under the cold blizzard of ice/
    once the soul bitters the goals whither in life/
    go figure/
    niggas post scriptures on twitter- this is bigger than life/
    it's more than pretentious acclaim/
    more than fortune and imminent fame/
    torches aloft- scorchin a cross on ya porch, you witness the flame?/
    shit this is insane/
    this is america- this is the blame/
    i guess we all need a scapegoat...this is the game/
    my burden is dreamin'/
    bipolar disorder scripted in my genetic code cursin' my semon/
    "the truth will set you free"...whats the proverbial meanin'/
    cuz i feel like i'm in a cell, locked in hell/
    feel my pain like being shell shocked from braille/
    lifes a poem, every steps a sentence/
    im a walkin' rhyme that only death can finish/

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    Re: Freestyle Cypher

    feel to fail or fail to feel what's the difference in this life tell me and I'll put it in my files

    Life, ya'll we're getting closer to the meaning, third eye opens, seeing is believing

    I bring balance to the force, ZeroToreZ, I try to get to the point, bringing it to the T

    the Truth, from the seed to the root to the fruit, and back to the seeds again, is this enough Proof?

    nah, too much is never enough, to be strong you got to be tough, even if it means getting roughed up

    up to the sky like the Tower of Babel, tighter than the Gordian Knot, finding the combination to Pandora's box

    secrets unlocked, and what we got is not even a fraction compared to the infinitely limitless.
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    Re: Freestyle Cypher

    I got my eye on a girl and see to me she's A G
    her name is Jane and yea she's hearing me (here in me<3)
    she gets me high when I'm seeing her smile
    for Real, back in the day we were just playmates
    who knew today I'd envision her as a Soulmate
    man, I'm so in love we don't even need to touch
    If I died right now I'm sure I'd see her in the next Life
    If she was in front of me I'd take a knee...

    ...and ask her "Would you be my Wife?"

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    Re: Freestyle Cypher

    Looking back in retrospect
    I admit this is something I did not expect
    I bargained with God so he put me to the test
    the price for true love man it came with pain
    was it worth it? hell, if I could I'd gladly do it all over again
    I'd gladly do it all over again...
    the greatest story ever told
    behold, I wouldn't be surprised if it's happening on other planets
    God has foreseen it all, our destination he planned it
    what else can I say, to take your heart away
    devotion, devotion as deep as the ocean...

    "And the sea gave up the dead in it, and death and the Grave gave up the dead in them"
    -Revelation 20:13

    Adam, Eve can't wait to see you come home


    A quest to find an answer
    where an answer is your destination
    Called out of the darkness, the children of God
    drawing ever nearer to the light way over the horizon
    Eyes accumulating information while illuminating universes
    Every action leaves a fingerprint in history fueling the fires of the future
    a flame that flickers feverishly for all awaiting the conclusion of the suffering
    We are the ones who stole the fire from the flaming sword in the Garden of Eden
    to chase away the darkness and hunt the beasts to be sacrificed and devoured
    to shed light on the mysteries, to open what the Maker has concealed
    to reveal the burning lies that ravaged paradise on this earth
    A burning passion within, we mourn those burned alive
    the innocent, humanity is just a war-torn family
    I am the one caught in the middle
    riddled with rain drops
    the pain stops
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    Re: Freestyle Cypher

    Revolutionary Lover

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    Re: Freestyle Cypher

    Going through deep depression...
    Seeing things at the corner of my eye..
    Everything I'm forgetting
    and it seems harder the more that I try.
    I have moments where I pause and stare...
    Hitting you with the longest glare...
    People seem hard to hear... hygiene now, I hardly care.
    My face is slowly drying out...
    psoriasis plagues my life... my anxiety
    attacks me... paranoia, no bragging rights.
    Is it schizophrenia or dementia? Oh, tremors? Yeah. I have that, too.
    Eyes sensitive to light... just another thing that I battle through.
    Tinnitus I've had for years, and floaters about the same...
    Did I mention I also have GERD? I know a lot of it is sounding strange...
    My stomach cramps, my hands cramp, lights flash, I have a tick.
    My sinuses run while I'm eating; some one help me pick up this baggage, quick.
    My frontal lobe is a mess, my bradycardia's floating around...
    I sometimes choke when I eat, I also got angina holding me down.
    I wake up gasping for air. My libido's always been low.
    Expelling white residue from my dick after a shit, is even harder to hold...
    Dry coughing throughout the day, my appendages often go numb..
    Quite frankly I don't where half of these problems are from...
    I see vivid images when i close my eyes that effect my sleeping pattern...
    I had anxiety attack so bad, I left work in an ambulance...
    My confidence is weary, my face looks bloated most of the time...
    I wish I could just tell a doctor exactly what goes through my mind...
    Blood tests come back regular, so do MRI's and CT's...
    They give me pills then tell me too see them in roughly three weeks...
    So you're probably wondering why you should care?
    Cause honestly? I'm scared shit less.
    I appear normal on the surface, but I swear this is
    Nothing but bravado... cause all I'm feeling is more pain...
    I could end up like Kate Spade, or be another Anthony Bourdain.
    I sympathize with Robin Williams, I feel like I know where he was...
    Always going to doctors - he was trying to console it with drugs...
    Or rather conceal, I feel like having to deal
    with all this bullshit is a challenge, for real.
    It's tough trying to be normal and also balance this field.
    When you're told to be strong, but you're so weak you're falling behind...
    All of the time you're in anti social situations, drawing your blinds.
    And sitting on your bed, sitting up in a fetal position...
    Even if this is just me writing on forum for people to listen
    It's worth it... cause people depend on you, and it's hard to tell them...
    You want to believe they'll be there, but that "what if" just draws the question...
    Mental health - I never knew it was this scary.
    But I'm here to tell you the consequences that it carries...
    The weight of the world, and then some. Don't be just another statistic...
    Tell your story in hopes that everyone's aware of the sickness.


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