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Thread: Freestyle Cypher

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    Re: Freestyle Cypher

    Quote Originally Posted by Ragian View Post
    Yo im free to write
    Whats on my mind
    I grab a pen
    Then write a line
    Scribble my thoughts
    Frustrations and delights
    Raw emotion and expressions
    Enter s whole nother dimension
    With hyper focused attention
    I get down and get back up
    Stand tall and refuse to fall
    Whatever comes my way man
    Ill combat it all
    Until you brawl with the uncombatable
    Incompatible with losses, boss shit
    Rawest to spit so legit some are convinced I'm flawless
    I'll admit I'm on a short list
    My opponents have been known to forfeit
    The rest get torched quick
    I morph niggaz into horseshit
    Endorsed by companies that lead fortune 500's
    So I collect whenever I want, man why am I frontin
    I guess it's for style?
    I'm a family man like I lost in a hand to hand with Guile
    Takes care of the fam all the while
    Smoking on some shit you'd think was grown in the wild
    Concrete jingle doesn't count and is no place to raise a child
    Am I guilty of that? All I can do is smile
    Sacrificed for a better life for me and my seeds
    Making sure to secure what they need
    And finding variety in what to feed a toddler is harder than you would believe
    I cook more often and achieve results I thought was out of my league
    Chef Boyardee ain't got nothing on me
    I'm a G. like Garvin or Gordon Ramsey

    -ill Finesse

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    Re: Freestyle Cypher

    Go to war with you forum pansies, still rekindle the fire.
    skillful, the ire isn't enough to build the empire.
    I'm sending shots through the top dudes, it doesn't matter...
    facade or not. Treasures I seek from veterans, X marks the spot.
    And mark it, I shall. Pardon the style, it's the essence.
    A shining star in a crowd of Yes Man, in the air - so, it's hard to come down.
    It's hard to be humble when I'm part of the sum
    parting particles from the new age artists when the hip hop articles, run.
    I'm just awestruck by it all. Staring back at the mirror reflection.
    Terror projects in every orifice of mine when I hear the reception.
    It's unanimous, huh. So where's the rewards?
    Prepare for a war. I air force one, like I'm Harrison Ford.
    My arrogance forms from a shroud of ignorance projected by
    the new age generation, here on the forums for not respecting
    the lyrics before 'em.
    There's a decorum and set of standards in which to adhere to.
    If you're stupid, then these kids wanna hear you.
    6 second attention span - we don't have a chance.
    Hammer dance to now everybody's there own camera man.
    Whatever's private, is public. Everyone is a judge.
    Everybody's a liar. Everybody's on drugs.
    Medication is money. Depression is dollar bills.
    No more line between scholars, still in that low paying job, for real.


    Vincent | Sammy | Vallus | Dose Blotter | Onceawhile | Celph Taut

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