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    Re: Diss The Bitch Above You Cypher

    Roses are red, this loner is dead,
    You'd rather play Halo,
    I'd rather put one over your head,
    You like Britney and Puma,
    You may not think you're a loser,
    But that changes when you take into account you stalk women at Hooters,
    And look like your shoes came free with a mobility scooter,
    Your life is how idiots experience things in life passing,
    Like being off beat in a group of people synchronized clapping,
    You once heard someone criticize fapping so you quit & tried rapping but I don't think you'll die laughing,
    First choice of the wussy select,
    The day you decided on becoming a vet,
    Was when you felt your neighbours dog dry humping your leg & realized your pussy was wet
    My life is an open book, called 'Phenethylamines I Have Known And Loved'

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    Re: Diss The Bitch Above You Cypher

    quiet your jests, jokes' mild at best, yes violets like violins are piled at your head
    that's head stone because i'm that head stoned tyrant and i like violence to death
    i love the hymen's red and then try them extra wet before they cried and bled in the shed
    i ain't from boston but i crab you like your hand on your back and grabbing behind your leg
    then i'm slamming your chest with a grappling test that's got your tea party sharks
    chopping off your soggy warts and mailing your feeble people each of your body parts
    i'm high as fuck and i'm not a experienced vet until you've experimented with hootie hoo sex
    like speed dating blind quadriplegics and squeezing rotten eggs into your cuckoo nest
    they think youre a mandela bag because you'll be forgotten like the force of mandalorian
    you're tweaking because you speed dialed kevorkian and the hold line song was polish accordion
    you're trying to drop the beat box and bust the freestyle life on an 80's tape recorder
    but you're really geeking like the foodstamp check out line at the grocery store
    you were a tormented child from inside you were born deformed and abnormal
    meanwhile i'm sort of immortal when i jump through your mom's pussy portal
    you should jump inside a little bear suit and ride at the fair on a unicycle
    i can't read your mind or any of your lines you're writing but your unibrow is your nicest recital

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    Re: Diss The Bitch Above You Cypher

    This is the first I've heard about The Mandalorian,
    If I could own any car? I dunno man, DeLorean,
    My bitch a sandwich cookie called Amanda L'Orean,
    I fucked her n spawned a new race of Mandel-oreons,
    You're an abnormorlian, kids get a chill down their spine when they've gotten the creeps,
    Cuz he strokes their backs while wanking as he watches them sleep,
    I stay double dropping with these limitless & effortless pills,
    Ready to kill,
    You're sat incredibly still on a Netflix n chill cuz it's just Netflix n Chyll,
    This is lexical skill Vs a guy that's been known,
    to direct snuff under the name Quimton Tyrantino,
    You wear wet pyjamas, work as a sex slave for a Mexicana set of farmers that grow & sell Jicamas who bring you to-tears and call you enchyllada
    My life is an open book, called 'Phenethylamines I Have Known And Loved'

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    Re: Diss The Bitch Above You Cypher

    i ain't going to jail but i'll rip your kitten tail, blind you with my written hell code like braille
    raisin nuts and m&ms you should bring your little mix on the trail to go to your epic fail
    map to scale, they caught you doing hand feet ASL and you were calling it glam free
    gay as hell, rolling around like beanie sige with the sherriffs from season two twin peaks
    stay and share, i ain't say they used to take your wheaties away and call you cornelius
    straight scared from corn chips to the horny thirst of the porno elitists with orange beat tits
    i thought your sixteens were sweet anyway so i made you bleed with my wrist muscles
    like a chafed peach chef with the meat i did a tedx talk to teach you to speak to hustle
    cornholing the bagpipe, your a sad sight on this rap site like a tax hike for shwag kinds
    yeah, the last time you did a jog on your memory you ran out of your damn mind
    sad mime landmine on the sand climb when you're flailing for the last nine, it's pretentious
    you're wackness is the difference between yard and meter like 3 feet and three inches stretching
    you can pretend your heat is hotter than a liter of gasoline foaming up the infrared scope
    but you'll get lit on the cheech quart geekster court while i send your ghost up to smoke dope
    you're a bungee hoochie coochie, pootie tang looking like an abnormal alien flying on the sauce
    hit with a boomerang like a stupid original aboriginal australian who's chasing a dumb platypus
    banana glad i ain't say octopus squid again but i'm bout to go ham and cheese like burgers
    pro quid the salamander armadillo kangaroo dude out to jump off the reef burners snipped on turnup

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    Re: Diss The Bitch Above You Cypher

    I'll pull a 12 bore n mess up your nice apparel,
    You'll die the same way you purchase anal lube - by the barrell,
    It keeps you slimy while corruptin like Yorgen Fenech,
    You pay female prostitutes for anal n call them Derek,
    You get upset cuz you understand they charge for sex,
    but think it's unaccommodating they don't take cards or cheques,
    You still safeguard your ex,
    Gangsta, you think Xhamster's a graveyard for pets,
    There's something that I need to say,
    Ill Finesse used 'Hades' in a rhyme scheme with 'made',
    You thought it rhymed n tried to sell it but, uhh, it doesn't,
    If you know any hookers sellin butt, uhh, Chyll does em,
    I'll go celibate for 6 months n then release the rage
    on your favourite female relative of legal age
    My life is an open book, called 'Phenethylamines I Have Known And Loved'

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    Re: Diss The Bitch Above You Cypher


    This one I dedicate to bag Mandela
    Mad vanilla
    Always rapping about fags
    Mad his dad went drag in Cinderella
    So I'm here to raise you, follow my lead
    Cuz I'm the greatest like Ali
    You probably, didn't think that would rhyme either
    But oddly, when I hit you with ether it feels like misogyny
    You thought acting sick will sell like you prodigy
    But you don't have foundation like properties
    Your money is Monopoly nigga you live in poverty
    Which is why this is a murder mystery instead of a robbery
    My philosophy is compared to Nietzsche, Socrates
    I don't follow policies and swallow bureaucracies as the top MC
    Now who's stopping me?
    I could never tell a lie like George Washington chopping trees
    Bags signature reads "the chocolate I have known and loved"
    He's talking about the D

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    Re: Diss The Bitch Above You Cypher

    You say me calling you a faggot geezer is weak n then make a gay joke before ceasing your scheming, the self defeat that I'm seeing highlights your lack of feeling or meaning as a result of you having no reason for being,
    Instead of dying to Dilla,
    You could recognise Mandela doesn't rhyme with vanilla,
    You're so repetitive you remind me why techno sucks,
    You'll get split down the middle like let's go Dutch,
    You are a drop in the ocean vs a cosmic explosion,
    I wish it was paint drying, you're more like watching erosion of water on rocks as it's flowin,
    This battys whole life is so beige it'd be nice for a change to see a sign of some grey,
    it's like waiting for plastic to biodegrade,
    you think you're killing rappers but they're just dying of age,
    rhymes more peak than the Yorkshire Dales,
    You are a tour with snails of northern Wales,
    your style is tryna get a cruise ship airborne with sails, interrogators say your rhymes succeed where pulling out all their nails or waterboarding fails
    My life is an open book, called 'Phenethylamines I Have Known And Loved'

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    Re: Diss The Bitch Above You Cypher

    Bag Mandela, sad he doesn't think vanilla rhymes, are you out of your mind, well listen little fella, I'm Nutella, when you tell ah rhyme everytime I'm like you should stop it slime, give up your spot in line, you thinking you could stop my shine is asinine, I pour gasoline on the scene now imagine me doing pantomime, light a match, then toss the gas can in the back of a pickup truck that was all black, in the woods in a suburb where you be at, probably wearing a wutang shirt, American eagle slacks, you thought you could rap? ALL CAP, These all facts, don't make me find you and remind you how I can make your jaw crack, put you under the earth so I can prove to you the balls flat, I'll do it practically for free your life's a small tax, you can't ball with me my stats all maxed, you thought you could get ahead? We offed that like the Taliban in Iraq, or a Dodge caravan in Chi-Raq that made too many laps around the trap, uhh, it's profound, uhh, Pro is the noun as I rap/write circles around you Urkels/Clowns

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    Re: Diss The Bitch Above You Cypher

    Another flat earther who has the time to talk shit,
    Using a phone that's GPS tracked by satellites in orbit,
    When I hear that shit come from their mouths I despair,
    How you gonna think outside the box when you can't think outside the square?
    You sound stupid, not just because of your subaverage diction,
    But cuz you dismiss 1800 years of scientific fact as fiction,
    Uh-oh, the Officer Doofy of rhyming appeared,
    the sight of your smile as you leer and ask teenagers "can I buy you a beer" brings vaginas to tears,
    If society looked up to guys that are weird you'd be highly revered,
    You're foolish not fresher,
    I'll turn up stormin son like unusual weather,
    Light him up, heater in each hand, shooting Berettas,
    And it's fire when I use these 2 sticks together
    My life is an open book, called 'Phenethylamines I Have Known And Loved'

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    Re: Diss The Bitch Above You Cypher

    For short I'll say Bag VANILLA is a wack clown
    Needs to back down
    Doesn't understand if under the earth, I'm talking the flat ground
    That went over your head figuratively, can make it literally
    Put you out your misery, Before I do
    Please explain how things are true?
    You? Amateur, You believe in Edison and Gram Bell
    Wouldn't know who the hell is Lewis Latimer
    Or Benjamin Banneker
    You lack the understanding
    I believe in space yet know they faked the moon landing
    9-11 was an inside job, you fell for the mirages
    But they couldn't hide the demo charges
    The truth is easy to see, the weak minded find it arduous
    The killers of God's son are Jewish
    The ones who say his color doesn't matter are foolish
    You follow masses of sheep, that's what you're cool with
    You're clueless, never had pussy
    Wouldn't know what to do with it
    Too timid, don't mean to nitpick
    Maybe you should get some nugenix
    Fuck with me? Now your record has a few blemishes
    I am accredited with eclictic penmanship...

    -iLL Finesse
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    Re: Diss The Bitch Above You Cypher

    Suck a dick, I can't be down with what Finesse is on,
    Spends a verse saying you think your head is strong,
    But in actual fact your knowledge set is none...
    Then finishes by spelling eclectic wrong,
    You asked "please explain how things are true?",
    By not being false, suck a dick part 2,
    You're in a tribute band called "Micklemore",
    You need adult supervision at the Disney store ,
    I hope you trip n fall on a slippy floor,
    get laughed at by a fat kid who kicks ya balls,
    Stand back, the world's first eclictic rapper's spittin,
    Blemishing records with such panache n wisdom,
    Furious right now, wants to grab the Smith n,
    But you can get covered in red dots for that rash decision
    My life is an open book, called 'Phenethylamines I Have Known And Loved'

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    Re: Diss The Bitch Above You Cypher

    You broke and none of your rhymes registor
    red dots? rashes? classic! But drastic because it's not a metaphor, could be, should be but you don't have a scope, or hope, just some misguided whines over something divine that I wrote, I'm a dope rhyme sayer, I shine everytime that I spoke, from my mind to my mouth it comes out like kamahamaha, I'm the alpha Omega ready to JUMP out there like Vega in Vegas at the Golden Nugget, you wanted to go but have no budget, you would have loved it, like how you love to suck dick, it's a family tradition, your old man's rocked a mullet and would ask niggaz to hold it while on his knees in the kitchen, your grandfather was in a wheelchair with dentures, he'd take them out for mouth adventures, until he got kicked out the retirement center, he set it on fire afterwards then entered, some think it was conspired others think it was dementia

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    Re: Diss The Bitch Above You Cypher

    To any future opponent, most likely a lurker
    Anybody that want it, it's murdaaaaa
    Hamburger, I spam to leave you scrambled
    As I hotdog it which means I got this handled
    Which one of you niggaz think you could hold a candle?
    I don't just make niggaz fold, I dismantle
    manhandle then put a head on my mantle
    I live dangerously because life is a gamble
    I know I'll be the greatest ever it's just a matter of if they can understand you
    Start an only fans, no dick on screen
    Just talking real hip hop, exclusive, drop a 16
    Give a paid fan the option to drop shit in a split screen
    Fulfilling big dreams
    I know so many ways to get cream
    Executives should get to bidding
    New directive, we need a new perspective so you been elected because you are connected.. but we get the credit, I rejected it, I know I'll rise to the top anyway, natural selection, I bring about actual progression, you making this a profession at most while I'm firing higher than speakers that require Atmos, and on that note...

    I'm -iLL Finesse

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    Re: Diss The Bitch Above You Cypher

    You talking big guns but never swing ratchets
    & YG’ll put cans to this faggots head like WWE matches
    Ya bitch on me, I rock the same lenses Ali wore
    Brought the thot to the condo & she left w/ her knees sore
    The homies smoked out passin’ round a blunt of purple
    I got your same bitch zonin, suckin dick in a fuckin circle
    I open the Nike tech hoodie revealing mad drugs
    Faggot, you go around to bitches requesting mad hugs
    I’m just fuckin around with this fuckin square
    Ya bitch left her shit here, along with her underwear

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    Re: Diss The Bitch Above You Cypher

    I was gonna go Acapella but fuck it....

    Chopped & Screwed Chorus:
    So I went to her house
    I saw a little mouse
    It went over there by her underwear
    You need a job nigga...YG needs a job

    YG wants to try me? With such a dichotomy
    He's pleased to be the 17th best, not even lottery
    So this gotta be a joke right?
    How much out of that bag you smoke like?
    I know you mad cuz you broke right?
    You living the broke life!
    You come from a broken home
    Furniture came from a trash can
    Your trash cans have no trash bags
    Wash your hands, nope, ain't got no damn soap
    You so damn broke it hurts a man's soul
    Nah I ain't no faggot but for that you're getting CANcelled
    My flows lead to a man-i-fold
    Cuz I am a cannibal that's not tangible
    Repeatedly drumming these bums like animal
    Cuz I'm the goat like Earl Manigault
    If I look you in your eyes and tell you I'm the best to ever do it
    You'll say "Man I know"
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