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Thread: Diss The Bitch Above You Cypher

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    Re: Diss The Bitch Above You Cypher

    you've been infected fatally, this has been my day to day business
    I radiate sickness, you'll decay away, doctors won't even stay to pay visits
    I raise bars like a space mission,
    bars raise so far past satellites you'll have to star gaze to remain witness-
    you don't have the arm's length to go the same distance, so stand aside,
    when i say bars rays I mean the gamma kind
    i send em at ya, check your cancer sign,
    my lines outta this world, a NASA find, I'm a master mind
    when i crash through you I leave your plans behind
    please, your rhymes are trying to fell these?
    you can barely spell "he's"
    i'm the last thing that Hell sees,
    you're the first one that fell to his knees
    i came to tell you "at ease"
    you sound like you came from a country in the east where the well is diseased and where y'all shower when an elephant pees
    how're you on RB? you'll leave irrelevantly, i'm just practicing disses intelligently
    you're the type to tie his pants, and zip his shoes up
    the type to put paste in his hair and get his tooth cut
    I don't give two fucks, i just give goosebumps
    in every way your rap is a huge dump
    that trash is unrecyclable
    tryna fuck with Onceawhile, no, that's undesirable
    each punch you throw been tired and slow
    you're fans are not clapping, better form is what they're trying to show
    "Don't you have something better to do with your time?"

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    Re: Diss The Bitch Above You Cypher

    Verbally abused seeking therapy
    His a mental patient that cant be set free
    He auditions horribly with dialogue
    Its tragic in a costume he soundz like a dieing frog
    He sobs miserably like helpless beggars
    He will die from hunger he cant afford peppers
    Pretends that he has knowledge he is stupidly
    ignorant and filled with bigotry
    Im towering over looking waterfalls flowing like taps
    When polishing my statue dont leave scraps
    Im appealing, hot and smart i am the top of my class
    I have strength and elegance his weaker than glass
    Collects dust like antiques that are garbage
    Like souvenirs his an unappreciated bargain
    With no allies syndicates or help my carnage
    Blazed this house cat that sleeps in his garden
    Unsuccessful results overwhelming labor
    Proves his a failure fortune doesnt favor

    Pulsing like his heart its slow then quick
    Burn rapidly like lit

    Matches he should quit i will inflict
    Strong pain his neck ill slit

    Rumors circulate like a cooling system
    And these notes i make his jealous of my rhythm

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