AlcaTrackz, (also known as DJX), was one of the original members of Rap Battles. Since the site began he has been one of the most consistent, and respected members, and he continues to come at the same high level today. He has done everything you could possibly do on a rap site, but he is most respected and remembered for his Songs and Beats and Battles he has made in his time here. A 3 time audio legend, with the songs “Gonna make it” “Like You Do” and “Mankind”, and the winner of RB’s first major audio tourney, Alcatrackz has solidified himself as one of the best that has ever been on he has also helped almost every audio head that has ever came to RB, in many different ways . . Wither giving tips to people, mixing their tracks, making beats etc…. he has done it all. Not only for himself but he has always helped members who have reached out to him for help. Overall he is the equivalent to ghandi mixed in with a little Mr. Rogers and some mother taresa. And who could deny his girlish figure?