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Being a member of Rapbattles.com since late 2003 early 2004 he has gone by many names such as Da Sirius God, Livinglegend, Mihan Onamic, Mardu Entite, X, XM, Xtreme Malice, Mal, Mr. Multie, Malignance, Renegade, NVS-Artist and Mr. 2-Hammers. Born October 20th, 1986 in Norfolk, Virginia, rasied in South Bronx, Castle Hill area. Since the beginning his love and passion of music has lead him to his current state of mind; which is music over music, artist over rapper, producer or beat maker. He has been producing for over 8 years. Able to use pretty much anything that makes a soud to work it into a production. Inspired by some of the most respected producers today; such as, Timberland, J Dilla Illa, Dr. Dre, and many others. Soon enough willing to start and make his production name official once his catalog is complete. 2-Hammers Productions consist of 2 Individuals but soon to be only one as both myself and him (Duece) are more then likly spliting to venture on our own projects as we have since late 2006.

His style of production is highly admirable from samples to originals. Earned the runner up position coming in 2nd to Kris Cain in the 2007-2008 Best Producer for the site. Has sampled various artist, records, and film scores. From Barry White to Barry Manilow, The Stylistics to Marvin Gaye, Silent Hill to Romeo and Juliet. XM has never really been a fan of recording on industry beats so he's self taught in his craft to cut the middle man out while raising his chances on being signed. Although throughout the years various offers has been offered he's thinking about finishing his album and accepting a deal with Warner Bros. Records. Just like his production style his audio style is highly diversed with the ability to multi-syllable rhyme, vivid and creative wordplay with metaphors via it be an audio battle or song from his album. Takes his craft extremely serious. Easily agreeable as one of the sites best producers.