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Thread: Nomination Rules and Guidelines

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    Nomination Rules and Guidelines

    Hall of Fame Voting
    All nominations will be voted on by mods and established members.

    When creating a nomination, create a new thread in this forum and title the thread as who you are nominating. If you are nominating a specific song / written / design / etc., emphasize that as well in the title.

    Provide links for your nominations and a brief explanation as to why you feel they / it is HoF.

    In order for a nomination to be considered HoF, a majority of the voters must say yes.

    Trolling / Freeposting
    Trolling / Freeposting in this forum will not be tolerated, you are hereby warned.

    1st Offense = 1 day ban

    2nd Offense = 3 day ban

    3rd Offense = 1 week ban and access removed from this section.

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