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    Re: Rhyme Cypher


    The Black Widow Spider, you cannot fight her
    Her web of malice only gets wider and wider
    Encompassing the Globe, somebody smite her
    So i summon the beast, the majestic Tiger
    I light up the room like a flaming lighter
    Wishing for the Tiger to pounce on the Black Widow Spider and ruthlessly bite her.

    Next word: Scintillating
    Trapped in a cage outside of time,
    I'm left with nothing but these words to rhyme,
    Words that used to punish my mind...

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    Re: Rhyme Cypher

    Hesitating when its beef make ya a dead man
    Body ventilating while you waiting on the ambulance
    Exit wounds on ya body big as some tissue rolls
    I told y'all lil boys you didn't really want the smoke

    Next word: orangutang

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    Re: Rhyme Cypher

    Armed robbery, grip sticks, long arms like orangutans,
    Its graphic when I shell out like hardcore manga fans,
    I got a flair for takin money, I want it all fancy pants,
    So gimme or get your Skrill X'd when the 12 bore bangarangs

    Next rhyme: Boombastic

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    Re: Rhyme Cypher

    Rhyme: boombastic

    Damn fam, you’ve practiced... shit’s boombastic.
    New tactics, gripping the iron like brute blacksmiths.
    Too classic, going over heads like I threw backflips.
    Emcees try to strike and get burnt like used matchsticks.
    My crew’s spastic. god, my dogs are loose mastiffs.
    My goons graff shit, spraying on walls to mark turf like crude catpiss.
    You cracked it, what I got’s so hot it could fuse plastics,
    And it’d melt the mask off his face if DOOM rapped this.

    Yo, yeah, I said shit’s boombastic.
    Splash, that’s a new baptist. Snap, that’s a true trappist.
    I prolly belong in the pen, my shit’s too graphic.
    Gwan, no? oh, what I do’s batshit.
    Lunatic, my moods match with the moon’s axis.
    Skewed haptics. Hoffman and I used to brew acid.
    Forgive the bruised masses who assume malice,
    I’m only breaking down barriers when I do damage.
    Shit, last night I fell asleep at peace in this huge palace...
    Today my boots mashing through crude ashes,
    As Earth turned from a cradle of life to a tomb planet.

    Next rhyme: prototype

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    Re: Rhyme Cypher

    Respect, that was dope bro, nice,
    Punchin with an essay like cholo fights,
    I been meetin a workin model she's not a prototype,
    I was bound to get a stunner like a stone cold fight,
    I won't record it when I fuck her but my GoPro might,
    She's on the red so just blew - sweet - snow cone ice,
    She likes the yayo but I'm not about a coke nose life,
    So I told that bitch hold the line on a toto hype

    Next rhyme: Frank Sinatra

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    Re: Rhyme Cypher

    Yo, ok, word to Frank Sinatra...
    Fly me to the moon, or else a planet farther,
    Fuck it, fly me to the next galactic harbour,
    Let me play amongst collapsing stars in blackest darkness.

    Forget the moon, just fly me to my fam in Ghana.
    Then fly me to Madrid to link with Spanish dancers.
    No plans for stardom, fly me out to Paris after,
    Or fly me straight to Naples for a fat lasagne.

    I’m that guy with the bad attitude and the baddest karma.
    Dressed in battered battle armour looking suave as Frank Sinatra.

    I’m going over more heads than a handy barber.
    Straight over heads like the arrows of a crappy archer.
    Doing more dirt than established farmers,
    Making these timeless raps like a mad embalmer.

    I ain’t do shit the same as Frank Sinatra.
    I do shit my way. you can thank my father.

    My way is to win shit first and practise after.
    My way is to take what I want and never have to barter.
    I think Frank Sinatra’s a pedantic bastard,
    Dude’s a fucking scrub and I’m a natural charmer.
    His way... christian prick. My way... satanic martyr.
    Fly me straight to heaven to find god and slap his carcass.

    Next rhyme: coffee cup
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    Re: Rhyme Cypher

    I'm tryna wake everybody up like caffeine in ya coffee cup,
    I'm not playin devils advocate, he's dodgy but god is good, his hobbies suck and hangin round with nonces puts me off his club, so I made-use-of others turning into stone in learning not to look,
    A wise man once said, a lotta stuff but nothin much, there's a tree of life, why take a leaf from book? What the fuck, none of that changes my plutonic love for sending envelopes to politicians full of bollock fluff

    Next rhyme: Tony Blair

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    Re: Rhyme Cypher

    Oughta trap Tony Blair in his cronies’ lair...
    With drones prepared to mow the air, and it’s only fair, since back in Iraq that’s what he did over there.
    Pfft, like the voters care... now our PM’s this bloated brer with the dopey hair and no social airs,
    Looking like a stoner bear, ain’t one of his aides got a motherfucking comb to spare?
    Aint like Corona’s rare, but dude’d die to a focused stare or a broken chair,
    And I figured it was just some joke or dare when he made local mayor.
    Hmm, of course we’re all getting snaked.., wait, it’s COBRA yeah?
    For fuck’s sake.

    Lizards like Tony Blair listing his phoney prayers as he gibbers and gloats and glares,
    Fuck number ten and his pitiful moment there.
    Drop your pistols and load a flare, now it’s fitting that foes beware...
    Damn, I’ve got gifted opponents like the mythical Trojans shared.

    Next rhyme: re-enact (or re-enactment)
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