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Thread: Wax Poetic Chat

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    Re: Wax Poetic Chat

    Hello. This place seems to be more active than the open mic section. I'll suppose I'll hang out here, supposedly. Greetings, and I'll gladly leave feed-back on a piece. Thanks.

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    Re: Wax Poetic Chat

    Anyone still alive?

    Who’s up for a haiku season

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    Re: Wax Poetic Chat

    I'm new here so dunno wtf I'm doing yet... But I guess this would be a good place to start haha...

    She said she had that
    Designer vagina

    Lay her on her back
    Yeah that's right recline her

    So I pulled her nickers to the side
    And went deep up inside her

    She gushed pretty quick bruv
    She almost cried ERRRR🙃

    And look not one
    Wine and dine her

    Even next man's like yo
    Where did you find her?

    Well I didn't go looking
    Your pussy found me

    And was free

    And now you're bum arse
    Just Made a new enemy

    We New friends now ya see?

    So as I blatantly
    Rape these bars

    rape don't need
    To last long you see

    Bring your sister
    We can make it fatally

    That's fatal three way

    Hey retard,
    you keeping up with me.
    Testing one, two, three...
    Ohhhh shoot
    Life supports off
    That's it
    Now I see

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