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Thread: Open Mic Chat

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    Re: Open Mic Chat

    Posted somehwere else to... Trying to get something going tbh haha... Shiiiit threads are dead... Like a bitch giving no head!!! 💯 💯

    Let me know when
    I become, A ramblee
    But hey that's just me
    You should try living with
    The other ten me
    Shiiiit I'd give you that free

    But I feel
    you'd slash your wrists
    So maybe one day
    if you're added to
    the hit lists

    See you pre-exist,
    pop man like you,
    like a cyst with my fists,
    take man on... Yeah fuck your lisp,
    such a fat cunt,
    I'd just sit back with me crisps!

    So apply the twists,
    you can try to resist,
    I'll just get pissed!
    Like a gorilla in the mists,
    yeah this shit exists.
    Ripped to shit have you
    looking like an abortion
    Looks like coat hanger treatment
    Your face has distortion

    Now your momma scuuuurd,
    Got the bitch in mourning.
    Shit not even had my brekkie yet
    its still morning.

    I warned you not to take the piss,
    so now I guess it's time
    to slash the wrists.
    Guess you made the hitlist
    Yeah I actually
    get down like this

    So if you'd like to risk it for a biscuit.
    Even with your lisp shiiit
    Don't worry I'd still hit dissss
    Nd no bitch I don't miss

    I'm totally relatable
    But shiiit next man's
    saying you're undatable
    I'll put it up for grabs,
    is this debatable? 🤔

    I don't rate the fool,
    Acts like a tool,
    reading your lyrics and
    make a man drool🤤

    Not in the good way
    so watch me say
    As a manc Mc
    nahhh we dun play
    Shiiit take a bitch round back
    For a roll in the hey!

    Like hello hello hey hi
    I just dun spunked my load
    in her eye!
    Turned her around
    put the ting in dry
    Made a bitch cry!
    Why ohhhh why!

    See I tell no lies,
    as lies just cause
    But let me take another,
    hit of this J while
    Iabuse you, use you,
    confuse you, let loooose
    start the physical abuse

    Ahhh this is where
    it gets interesting...

    I begin my infesting,
    undressing, no
    shiiit I ain't messing,

    you'll see this as a blessing!
    Trust issues nah
    bitch forget dem! 💯

    Are you demented,
    you already consented,
    don't be acting all
    Lies can't be invented,
    It's detrimental to your
    inferior posterior...

    Stop blood!
    I don't think she's hearing ya

    Shiiit another dead bitch
    That's the third this week
    And all I really wanna do
    Is get hitched!
    Just another bitch!
    to get ditched!

    ahh shit she still
    twitches, tho!
    Well as we all know

    snitches get stitches
    I pour on alcohol rub
    as it itches
    Then said snitches
    find the ditches
    With dead bitches
    You catching
    My drift here? 🤔

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    Re: Open Mic Chat

    how do i battle. i won a grind time try out a while back.

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    Re: Open Mic Chat

    Quote Originally Posted by acheron flow View Post
    how do i battle. i won a grind time try out a while back.
    The front lines has a call out section homie. Welcome to RB

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    Re: Open Mic Chat

    Are topcials obsolete on here now or what?

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    Re: Open Mic Chat

    Hmm... I miss the old days

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