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    Playoffs: Layout/ Theme/ Bracket

    We are running a 4 man playoffs due to lack of participants and no shows during the past few weeks.
    It will be seeded like a normal playoffs, ranked 1 through 4, rank 1 will battle against rank 4,
    rank 2 against rank 3. This will be SINGLE elimination, there is no point in dragging this on any longer.

    If you do not vote on the other battle you will lose regardless of the votes.

    Twisting a cliche phrase:
    "running on empty"
    "absence makes the heart grow fonder"
    "look on the bright side"
    "nothing to write home about"
    "rub salt in the wound"

    Use the cliche' as a title and make it your own by using it in a 'fresh' way.

    Final Rankings
    1. Jukon 5-2
    2. Spoken Deity 4-1
    3. Emily 5-2
    4. TheIllyricist 3-4

    Match Ups
    (1) Jukon vs (4) TheIllyricist
    (2) Spoken Deity vs (3) Emily
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