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    Sacred Scriptures Season 17 Mag First Four week 1

    Sacred Scriptures

    Season 17: First Four

    Week 1

    Welcome to a new season. Sacred Scriptures 17 is going to be something new and different. This is your mod 143 and along with Enoch Light, we hope to bring some really good competition this season. So with that being said let's get to it.

    Last season OG Maestro came out the pack of really good writers to win the championship. Even though that last season was a mess, we have sat back and really asked for your opinion on the way this league is run and what you would like to see in this season. We have taken in consideration everyone's points and will continue to make changes as such to keep this interesting and support your commitment. So if you have anything that you feel that should be a part or anything that you would like to change, leave a message in the "Ideas from you" section and it will definitely be read.


    WEEK 1 BATTLES.....


    This week we had three members no show their battle which lead to the recombining of their opponents and giving them the automatic win. Mr. Grimm and HighEngineChief were absent in their battles which was a let down because these competitors are high valued vets with skills to bring some real life to what they write. We will see the next week. Both earned a minus vote in Week 2.

    OG Maestro no showed after checking in and taunting his opponent. This battle should have been battle of the week with the caliber of each writer but it was a good verse that Illunatic brought and OG Maestro, after jabbing his foe, was silent....


    Enclave vs Late Bloomer

    This is a recombined battle of two new comers to the SS scene. Both has the skills to bring out some really vivid imagery as seen in their drops in Open Mic. Enclave came out with a well rounded full verse that brought out edges and colors to his topic. Late Bloomer had a good verse but not to the depths and completeness of what Enclave have and for that, Enclave took it 4-0.

    143 vs Metrics

    Metrics, I gotta say, I didn't know how you were gong to come out with your verse. It was very good being technically sound. The voters felt that you didn't go deep enough to develop a moment in your verse that made them remember or resonate with them after the read. I can say, had you done that, I would have lost. Their comment about my verse was more that I brought out more aspects in my storytelling and keeping my vocab style. I give you props and feel that this battle was like my first SS battle with Brandon Cee. Good job, and respects to you. I win 4-0



    Inner Demons

    Evil tendencies inside of me, crying for actions so violently
    As I feign the taste of blood; I hold it in so privately
    These explicit visions of someone wishing forbiddance
    Then I notice the one wishing, the victim; it isn't
    Internal soul, pleading forgiveness. But the cynical grin, relentless
    & I realize, all the years of living in fear was clearly pretentious
    Clearly a message, voices I've heard were really obsession
    Unwilling to live in contention, just unholy wrath conceals my attention
    Consumed in darkness, never knew I could be so heartless
    Rage being conveyed in my veins in the creative way of an artist
    Envisioning execution with precision is a decision I strive for
    A single casualty is fathoming, I'm ravishing to find more
    Adrenaline peaking, something like a high horse
    Smiling as the gasoline I pour glassine's on the dry corpse
    As that single flame goes insane and the skies roar
    I lay my head, ready for bed wishing I had tried more
    Then I plot my next act, cuz it's a fact this high is comparative to crack
    Never to retract; the Good Samaritan will never be back



    I give this spotlight to Nigma as someone who is not competing but donating his votes and time. I look forward to adding you in the mix one day, love to compete against you. We thank you for voting and hope that you do join us.



    ..The smell of sweet rolls; Star atop the Christmas tree
    No matter how old, I know Grandma don't miss just me
    Making the rounds with memories of those who are gone
    Kids show their new phone; In the 90's, I got stretch armstrong
    It's a gathering that doesn't happen as often as it should
    Calls in the days before Christmas, all filled with "wish I could"
    People marry off, some may die; Others in jail or have anxiety
    It's ashamed that familes growing apart is such a part of our society
    We all miss gramps - I'll tell you, that man could tell a story
    And it's a shamed that when I was young I used to think it bored me
    As I snap back into the moment, I see my sister come in the door
    Smile in an instant with a hug with a "wish I saw you more"
    It's tough to be apart from the ones that we love; This we know
    Looking back at all the years I was gone I know they missed me though
    Ya see I served my country, war took me away from the holidays
    The occasional card in the mail always ended with --"we all pray"
    That's good and all but prayer doesn't fill the hole in my heart while in war
    Only the thought that I was fighting for people away 2,000 miles or more
    Hugs the ones you love and look them in the eye and tell them don't fuss
    ........Because this could be the last Christmas that we could show up

    I thought this was great for someone who never battled in this league. He brings out some nice imagery along with some emotions to push forward his topic. The heartfelt introspect at the end really ties this verse up like a gift and to me is the Verse of the Week.





    143 vs Illunatic
    Very dope battle here this week. 143 with that massive array of vocabulary at his disposal vs Illunatic who take a unique perspective on his topics. . this is one that can go either way. But im going to predict a hard fought win for 143. I cant beat myself up too bad if im wrong on this prediction.

    Metrics vs Late Bloomer
    This one seems like a pretty evenly matched battle. From what pieces of work that I have seen from these two, I think Metrics has the better wording ability. However, I have never seen a full bodied piece of work from him. Everything he has posted comes in small volumes and never fully complete. . Late Bloomer on the other side does come with full bodied stories. From what I recall, hes not a beast with his vocab, but can articulate a topical very well. Both have been hit or miss as far as flow imo. . im going to have to go with instinct on this one and say Metrics will pull it off. But this should be a close one too.

    Enclave vs OG Maestro

    Im not familiar with Enclaves work. I know there is a few poems you can dig up. . but poetry will only take you so far in the topical realm, especially when your in the ring against a heavy hitter like OG. Last seasons champ and a terrific set of tools in his arsenal, I would have to put my money on OG Maestro here.

    HighEngineChief vs Johnny Omega

    Very familiar with both of these guys. HighEngineChief has fallen short of winning, but he always seems to have a tough schedule. I cant remember ever seeing him matched up against top tier writers, however, he has held his own in every single matchup I have seen him in. Johnny Omega is a long time topical writer and competitor. He has a tried and true style that he brings with him and in most battles, it that style has gotten him the W. Another dope battle here, but I think Omegas experience will give him the advantage here. He best not sleep on HEC though.

    Well that’s my predictions this week. Each prediction was made with the assumption that you fuckers are actually going to show up. . . do get them verses in and g’luck to all combatants.


    I personally thank everyone who has put in the time and effort to compete in this league. You are the backbone that we need to establish this league and bring it back to the glorious days we had. Your commitment is not taken lightly and wish all of you luck in this season.....143


    @ILLunatic @143 @Metrics @late bloomer @Enclave @HighEngineChief @boston @YD @143 @Bonac @Sammy @King Prince @OG Maestro @God of War @Enoch Light @Emily @Merem @Conceptual @KnowP @trajik @YD @Lenox @Reking @Johnny Omega @jukom @killin g spree @Fresh @SELF ACTIVATE @cz @bino @Literal Pete

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    Best Topical Writer: 143

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    Re: Sacred Scriptures Season 17 Mag First Four week 1

    Dope mag

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    Re: Sacred Scriptures Season 17 Mag First Four week 1

    Nice mag 143.
    I like what you've done here.

    Mind you that first chick...dead ringer for a black 'white chicks.
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    Re: Sacred Scriptures Season 17 Mag First Four week 1

    Yo this was dope. I like how you used the avy's and the eye candy was a meal!!! Lord have mercy!!!

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    Re: Sacred Scriptures Season 17 Mag First Four week 1

    word thanks for the read homie
    a labyrinth of power.....

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    Re: Sacred Scriptures Season 17 Mag First Four week 1

    Good looks on the mag man

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    Re: Sacred Scriptures Season 17 Mag First Four week 1

    Late, but this was nice

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