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Thread: Poetry Cypher

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    Re: Poetry Cypher

    a hallowed out tree-stump
    plays oboe jazz lines in 3/4 time
    outside the backyard dumps
    while a poet damn-near loses his lines
    in the cold molasses flow
    of a tenor sax that can't blow
    long enough notes to eclipse
    the words sealed beneath my lips
    like dirty words and promises.

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    there is an absence
    within me
    like a surgical removal
    of something vital,
    which isn't necessarily a good thing,
    & I keep to myself most of the time
    'cause it's a crowd inside my mind
    the way they say there is potential
    and that isn't necessarily a good thing,
    because life is a growth
    like a malignant tumor as big as a base-ball
    that has its roots in hope and expectation
    as much as it does
    cigarettes and bourbon.
    can I kick it?

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    Re: Poetry Cypher

    You have no idea how good it is for this to be this first thing i see when i journey back to this place after so long.

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    Re: Poetry Cypher

    this is...

    how u dress to visit your favorite aunt as she is dying
    you wait for your black eye to fade.
    you find your best suit.
    you slip on you finest, shiniest shoes
    you wear the apsara necklace she made you,
    facing out, to protect you from nightmares when you were 5.
    you strap on the 15 dollars watch she bought you when you graduated jr high,
    that you know she bought instead of food.

    You tailor your best smile.
    you put on your most hopeful mask.
    you tell her of the vacation plan you made for the two of you, when she's well again.
    you show her the plane tickets.
    you keep the receipt.

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    Re: Poetry Cypher

    Piled out my phone to write
    Got my earpods on to hear,
    Listen-- maybe the connections disappeared?
    Dark shadows and darker hearts
    Inner circuitry dull, trouble finding the spark
    Lend me a light...no not salvation mate
    USB type c
    Just got to light the e-cigarette,
    No ashes left to depart.
    Kiss me through the camera lens.

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