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Thread: C. T.

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    Cool C. T.

    riding through the streets listening to Weezy
    in my 6'4... but this shit wasn't E.Z.
    only c notes - life quote - do you read me?
    never had hope - dreams woke up to screaming
    at war with self and the bottle on the shelf
    got looked at as weak when could need a little help
    floors more ground then beef - a grind more then teeth
    there's no doze in me - i'm not close sleep
    I put that on God -i'm in way to deep
    LL in my ways - earthy-gross conceit
    MJ -this is game -wonders ward to keep
    aint been home in weeks - made her strong heart weak
    & now she thinks I cheat 'cause I'm hardly free
    but when I was home as if hated me
    it's been far to long please don't wait on me

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    Re: C. T.

    LMFAO!!! ... I can relate!!! Good read!!!
    ~..~..~..~..~..~..~..~..~..~..~..~..~..~..~..~..~. .~..~..~..~..~..~..~
    It's not the same as nothing to lose anymore...
    More like when it's everything you want to live for, or would die for too!

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