Yoooo!!! T-Top killed JC!! 3-0!! Dope battle!!
What the business is you fake thugs!!!?? Had a few battles pop off this week, and a late contenders match featuring yours truly, and cypher that went in on a future Hall of Famer, Tom Brady. No one really stepped up to the occasion like they did in the last cypher but shout out to all those who participated. Lets jump into what we got going on this issue.


(Several Judges Remain Anonymous)

u was looking like an old man in the 4th, legacy fade is starting
not saying retire any time soon, but consider that membership to AARP
he lost that clutch factor, never use to slack
use to have balls... now he's looking comfortable at the bottom of the sack
Heard u snitched on ya teammate, he got benched n couldn't come back
Brady the new wave of Transformer. Nigga was a goat then turned into a rat.

Runner-up: @Amen

The Fumble was tough & he cried like the hit was hard,
That turnover, you tucked your balls, bent over exposing the bitch you are.

Honorable Mention
: @Celph Taut

A Disazter would be an understatement - I don't care what these cat's say.
That last play couldn't make Pat, stay .. on a KOTD battle rap stage!

Shout out Gronkow! But fuck Tom Brady, yea to hell w.him
cuz to kill the root of the problem u cant start at the stem

@Authentic. vote)

Joe u bitch, a fat as piece of shit who talks non stop
stop trying to run every league and run yo big ass around a block
bro u childish. seen bomb bard steal ya lunch and u wined
he wana cheese in everybody face until this cracker gets crumbled inside
Joe grew up safe. the hood?, only on RB he be thuggin
so talking bout bustin guns and duckin fuzz is everything..... this faggot wasnt


Scope with the infered ray at ur temple the kickback wont be gentle
So if i release this pin n strike ur dumb ass would probably request a lane n a dollar shoe rental
You almost had this one.. nice reach actually.
weep as the flames grow thicker
U hit more downward slopes than Winter Olympics, we all hate u here like Kim Jongs sister

I got KP in favor for more hits than misses.. I'm tired of seeing all the same old battles, u old bitches...
KP had more aggression in the bars i could tell, and JB punches landed soft, RnB.. o'well.


if i take out a knife, you'll let beef slide & ingest it
turn the other cheek & get slit up the side like one of Kims dresses
u aint bout that life, this nigga yaps then actually hides
claiming violence Buttocks out his ass more than their whole family combined
fuck Boston, im from L.A. where guns poppin' over little dumb shit
so if this White Come Out West, we'll see more lumps than Kims stomach

@Joe Boston
n the bedroom its laughter, talking that sex game on point shits phony
Whatever bitch u Humphries up, now you and her are fighting for Alimony
Ur barely a celebrity walking these streets
Real Ogs never talk about u highly
Ur a Tyga out in this Jungle? But to survive in jail youd need the lips of Kylie
We dont get ur existance on earth entirely so shots will have you vanished
I carry heavy weight on me, this fag crys about to many carbs in a sandwich
Ur girl is jonesing for this dick i enjoy watching her constantly beg
Once i got stuck it in her Centipied all over it, i walked away like i had a million legs
This fat fuck downs burgers n kegs at family bbqs his cholesterol a big concern
Flips out If Aorta is bad at a restaurant, would care less if his took a wrong turn
U stress how u have a diverse group of homies that race shit it aint you
So if i Punctuation friend im going to make sure i have a Sharp Point! too

every vote against this dude, he complains like a female
Most of yo bars are soo washed up they come with a wax and a detail
always being sarcastic faggot, this genius aint really brolic
keep being a smart ass cause after i drop you, i'll be sure to kick knowledge
ya girl jaw game is so flame, she happy u cant please her
after i beat it up, i leave her foaming at the mouth without signs of a seizure
When you got cooked by Bomb u vanished like a doomsday prepper
you were soo damn salty, im sure now u been diagnosed with high blood pressure

You been board walking over 1oyrs.. railroading, and dick riding mods, properly
1-2, FL, OM, GG.. you been gambling on every side of the board like monopoly..
So you probably gotta lot of tension to let go, but no way to express it
that's why Joe B a fag, catch him in a wig w.high heels on.. tryna a dress it


Shout out to my dude @plethora and @Authentic. For taking the time to drop votes on everything moving. We definitely everyone to vote up to get this spot back to what is use to be and even better. Thanks for setting the example. You both with receieve 5 EXTRA POINTS added to your ranks. Just a small token of appreciation.


(by: @Oxymoron )

Ive found a place where i can relate.
relay interesting information to characters that seem to be distant,
Nobody is who they are, its a facade,
the fascia of people seems to be nothing but a scar,
n thats not right. we could be perfect with our imperfections.
Poision impure, injected in the wrong direction,
so please, be pure, scour the nethermost of this slum we call home,
and just write the intentions that inspire and motivate,
lifes about knowledge n passing it on,
no matter your background if youre true you might not be wrong
so dont worry about the little details,
just live n be free, all i want is for people to be free.
Believe in yourself and be free.


WTF @ Kill spree and Dia gangbanging Amen all over the site
WTF @ Ronin getting what he wanted and still crying about everything
WTF @ the punch league being dead af even during the playoffs
WTF @ the winter olympics actually being pretty sick from jump
WTF @ the Cavs actually being better since they tossed everybody
WTF @ the kid being arrest and not shot to death after gunning 17 dead
WTF @ autonomous cars really taking off for the future
WTF @ no one knowing that Black Panther being a comic first
WTF @ FL showing life on this site again
WTF @ the world drooling all over BitCoin like its new
WTF @ Trump not having his twitter account suspended by now


Yeah yeah yeah blah blah blah
Get out there and make FL poppin again. Hopefully this mini mag sparks some more activity. Go spam the site around IG and get cats to register. We need to be more active than OM which is mad busy atm.