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    The Dying Art

    We're the MVPs of this pen game
    Lyrics so hot they set flame
    To the page when they're written down
    Rappers have lyrics that are bitten now
    Wordsmiths used to have a purpose
    But words are worthless without purchase
    We gotta purge this simple-mindedness
    They don't know the words they're rhyming with
    Definition or annunciation
    The Craft that lacks appreciation
    I write 'til i tire or master the skill
    Live by the pen, die grasping the quill
    My sword remains sharp, perennial!
    I'm the self hating millennial
    Longing for older generations
    Back when lyrics gained penetration
    Of the mind and in the mental
    Golden era's not coincidental
    New verses lack teeth, it's the dental
    Now talent's only instrumental
    Influential emcees under ground
    Attention whores, we see run around
    The genre's wrong representatives
    Lyricism's dead but was meant to live!

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    Re: The Dying Art

    so deep it tells what it tells keep it up

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    Re: The Dying Art

    You have some great rhyme schemes and what’s that word? Hmm... metaphors linking them together. I think you can be one of the best writers on the site and leagues are perfect for perfecting skills. You might be an oldie idk I don’t recognize your name but amazing work right here in my opinion.
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