I chiseled these rhymes onto quartz crystal tablets
Your sanity is my madness
your balance is my imbalance
your truth is my fallacy
your atom is my galaxy
and what's fiction to me is your reality
we live inside the matrix of our own subjectivity
just say something stupid if you wanna get rid of me
we can't solve the human condition politically
we can't quantify what underlies the physics seen
when we spit a stream
of particles and monitor the collision we
think we're gunna find another particle in between
mother nature isn't a crazy crack whore with a bag of magic particles
that teleport and position themselves based on probability
the answer is a lot more logical
humans are idiotical
walking wads of bull
with unstoppable
walls of mental blockage their thoughts uphold
the pillars of stupidity are built on a foundation of superstition
humans all still conditioned
to follow primitive traditions
that revolve around kissin'
the ass of those who's mission
is to cloud your vision
but truths are hidden within
the fine printin' of religions
I'm spittin' high frequency gamma ray emissions
that trigger nuclear fission
don't give in
to the peer pressure friction
counteracting those who question generally accepted fiction
I don't need anyone's benediction
I don't even know what it means, I just looked up the definition
mainstream music is hypnotism with sublimin-
-al message ridden
I embarked on a reckless mission
to impart forbidden wisdom with star-drawn eclectic writtens
I come from a wild place
that violates
the known laws of physics, I annihilate
anti-matter upon collision and walk away fine, I'll wait
for a rapper who can compile great
verses like I do, the average rapper's a vile waste
of music isle space
Joe Biden is a snake with a pedophile's traits
I just wanted to mention that as this rhyme I compiled takes
it's full form and comes to the end...bye yall, thanks...