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    Rhyme dimension

    I produce the kind of rhymes
    that crucify the spine
    and brutalize the mind
    with abuse behind the lines
    so who'd deny the signs
    that the truth's defined by mine?
    I get the pupil size to di-
    -late, loose the binds of time
    and induce sublime, divine
    visions like the caapi vine
    I occupy a space no technology can reach
    in my sleep I went on an astral odyssey to greece
    so that I could see the prophecy complete
    and bestow upon Socrates the fleece
    I stopped to feed the geese
    Then Jason and the Argonauts arrived and offered me their peace
    I said I'm afraid that's not an option, be deceased
    then I popped the piece and watched em' leak across the freakin' street
    they where obsolete and weak
    I trapped them in a state of being consciously asleep
    and made em' trade the golden fleece for their thoughts to be released
    side-winder surprises fly out of my sinus
    the highest mind in science
    with high supplies of violence
    applyin' flies to ointment, ionize a giant
    ball of cyanide, and try to die defiant
    I'd deny a tyrant
    the right to even try and hide
    when I line em' up side by side
    in a giant oven and fry it
    but ones not dead, he died alive,
    and arised revived
    because he was on a dark matter diet
    His name was Mingiwuwu..,
    a stingey dude who's
    simply kookoo
    he spits Leonardo da Vinci voodoo
    well pinch me' poop shoot
    he took the form of a ten feet blue moose
    and then he chewed through
    my armoury and ruined twenty new suits
    so I emptied two huge
    cans of whoop ass into his head which he didn't fasten any screws through
    and it had plenty room too
    what can he do to
    me, I'm plenty kookoo
    to, you sack of condensed sheep doodoo
    my wizard's wit is tantamount
    to extra mass the physicists can't account for...
    I can't rap anymore, I need to go out doors.

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    Re: Rhyme dimension

    Good man i liked this... good work wow i feel like breaking it down cool little piece rising people from history er sumn cool idea dont know though was looking for more hough not sure what it is but this was better than your last piece i read from you... you do have style though which is good.... i mean this piece just made me more intrigued by what writing is and how it helps explain ya story i guess... which is a good thing bravo....

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