Humans are disgusting, vile, base creatures
especially the ones they consider great leaders
snakes with an ape's features
take heed or
you can simultaneously suck eight weeiners
you insipid wank beaters
you human waste eaters
I crank levers
that trigger pussy snow flake Beibers
my flow's current is too strong for the lake meters

I live in a neo-gothic castle
with an office packed full
of demonic raps pulled
out of a black hole
my thought is addled
by the strongest paxil
narcotic capsules
to counter-act my chronic ass hole
syndrome. my logic baffles
your idiotic babble

with unorthodox
riddles that contort the thoughts
and require a supernova's force to stop
I am of course the top
most warped to watch
distorted rapper on youtube on a fourth of schnapps
I'll use a sword to chop
anyone who's ever endorsed the cops
and use their organs as fertilizer for the crops

You anti-intellectual troglodyte cretin
the rhymes that I write, wreckin'
you, got the mic beggin'
me to stop the mic checkin'
I taught the knife lesson
taught you how to chop, to slice necks in
half, like a segregated bath with a black and white section
you'll catch me between both, staring at your wife's breasts and
watching big black booties as they walk by, nekkid
God damn I need that behind pressin'
against my face, it would be like heaven

I don't need a government to monitor and limit me
I need economic ecosystem of liberty
I spit anarchistically
dope epiphanies
cause' it's as if you exist specifically
for pissin' me
off if ya be
in support of the hypocritically
pontificating politicians we
should be dissing explicitly

politics will never solve shit
the elections are all fixed
to make sure the bald twits
of wall street get their balls licked
their responsible for all this debt,
and after they cause the inflation they reach in your wallets next
they send your sons to war and prophet from death
their fiat currency is dependent on the petrodollar, which caused this mess
in the middle east, not to ment-
-ion that they've got to protect
Israel from Islamic threats
It's the trap that the Rothschilds set
the federal reserve is illegal if you read the fine text
printing money from nothing so that the supply's met
which set of innocent people will die next?
so that rich Americans can play golf and fly jets
I'd let
my pet
hyena chew their balls off, then bite into one of those guy's necks
I bite flesh
I rip out wind pipes, wres-
-tle with bears that have 30 biceps

I sodomize evil deceitful people
I colonize people with fleets of lethal
cerebral parasites that eat through brain tissue