Fundamentally neurologically unsane

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Thread: Fundamentally neurologically unsane

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    Fundamentally neurologically unsane

    I've had it with this shit
    I'm gunna slit 66 wrists
    and cut off 6 dicks
    then twist 666 nips
    with 16 clips
    bananas and drums spit
    till' you're full of holes like your fallacious statements
    I hate everything, I hate hatred
    I hate the razor blade tip
    that punctured my anus
    I slay twits
    in an enraged fit
    and taze my dick after I throw away my first aid kit
    I'll hit you in the fist with my face, bitch
    and break it
    then slit your sprained wrist
    with a paint chip
    I jack off in a cave naked
    after 30 cocaine sniffs
    and listen to a Macklemore playlist

    Everything I spit is neuroplastic
    I'm so batshit
    I write 50 raps per second when my work load's stagnant
    When it comes to Amen and Wity, they ain't worth jack shit
    I'm sure those asses
    are filled with deeply burrowed black dicks
    I'm gunna burn those faggots
    in a blazing inferno fast as
    you can say Amen fell off and Witty's a fat bitch
    my brain stem is a match stick
    that lit spaztic raps that
    trap halfwits
    in massive black pits of sadness
    as if
    I give a single microfuck about a human sack of whackness
    I avoid human contact, the average man's stupidity is not to be contracted
    extraterrestrial entities are the only ones I interact with
    I'll sodomize you with a cactus
    if you try to get my facts mixed
    with primitive subjective human baggage

    I use a blade to empty
    your innards and mutilate an MC
    cause' the average rapper gets payed specifically to debase ya mentally
    I'm one of the few who's attained immensely
    dope rhymes that blew spaghetti
    out of their craniums, that I fed to the Yeti
    my staff chops through the red sea
    so the Jews can get freed
    who's the next weak
    ass lyricist who wants to get a nail hammered through the testis?

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    Re: Fundamentally neurologically unsane

    Your first 6 lines were amazing (weird 6) �� you should’ve cut it off there and used it for comp league.
    Why does everyone think Iím a boy?

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