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Thread: The monetary system

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    The monetary system

    up at 5 in the morning drinking coffee, black
    I feel like a zombie hatched
    from a bottle of cognac
    not relaxed
    my thoughts seem packed
    with annunaki raps
    on the tracks
    but off the rails, stoppin' nazi tact-
    -ics I've got these cats
    holding their tongues like they dipped them in wasabi, hacked
    through rappers like tatami mats
    I nibble on your mommies rack
    for a naughty snack
    you sloppy sack
    of mahi-mahi crap
    I'd rather drink hot bees wax
    then join the banking lobby that
    probly lacks
    the most basic human agency to see where their follies at

    I hate the human race
    because it's only good for producin' waste
    the more we advance, the more pollution we make
    whatever's better for you is worse for everything else
    you're a disease, and parasitic behaviour brings wealth
    it was never based on merit,
    it's based on mass appeal, how well you serve the system and what you in inherit
    how many people you screw over, yes it's inherent
    that the worst people always gain the most in this feris
    wheel of embarrassing terrible unfairness

    the monetary system
    uplifts evil and buries wisdom
    they act like Nicola Tesla barely did nothin'
    but patent fraud Edison is subjected to constant dick suction
    the only thing he ever did was make himself stacks
    Tesla's free energy system rejected cause' JP Morgan couldn't sell that
    then they stole his ideas and turned them into wealth, thats
    the fact about the self propelled sacks
    of feces you held as
    great men, they're the reason humanity is held back

    The monetary system should be abolished
    a resource based economy can resolve this
    but it's never gunna happen because humans are all shit
    you'd rather polish
    the ball sacks of the ones you call "rich"
    due to a social construct based in falseness
    you have faith in this conceptual system like a cultist

    the fact that you allow this doesn't make sense
    the one percent makes 80 dollars for every 8 cents
    you make, hence I'm forced to conclude that the average human is a slave drenched
    in ignorance

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    Re: The monetary system

    I noticed you seem to always start with short rhyme stacks and then your lines get longer... not sure if it’s a style or a warm up but the shorter lines are cool - this was an intelligent piece and informational. Do you spit or write? Just curious
    Why does everyone think Iím a boy?

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