Say something

Is it so hard to put yourself in my place
When everything you loved, lived, and died for erased
And every round you just threw it all in
Cause nothing about where we come from is sin
But now you sitting here alone
Living a nightmare after everything you shown
I wasnít a gold digger so now Iím wrong
And I couldnít remember... I guess I took too long
Peep the meniscus when a rock sink
Theyíre Inflated...
Satiated i think
There was enough links for the chain to make sense
And enough change but I changed and canít swindle a quarter in cents
Dealing with another mans demons that refuse to leave is making me tense
And these are Just the basics of what Iím going thru
When youíre holding out for the one that never held out for you

... ďbut Iím gonna need for you to say something babyĒ

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