Killing kin'; Andrea Yates - this is "Wash" for me.
This ain't a loss for me. Motherfucker will Cop A Plea!
Final round. You ain't been making noise, go get you a "Higher" sound!
Admire; You're facing wit' the Messiah now!
Quiet down! the waters deep. Your followers say...
You're walking on water, see(sea).. you floating up in a hollow creek
Ivan Drago speed ...You won't be able to bob and weave
"There Is No Tomorrow" - word to Apollo Creed!!!
Uh. Kin my son. Go sit in the corner...
Picturing Troyer' going up against Christopher Dorner
This ain't a fair fight. This is a fucking queef to an air strike!
I'll strangle the "air" out your Air Nikes!
Uh. I use your album as a weed plate
Gave it back and got a 100% rebate
So, fuck a "kin"! It's only right that I'm "SONNING" him
It'll feel like Phillip Drummond was coming in!
...Voice sounding like Darth Vader's
my bars major, par like massive star quasars!
Uh. Why your rhymes like a palindrome?
Leave that Loud' alone. You got that "Ron Browz" control
I don't care how it go. Your power low.
Vegeta checked mine n' his scouter broke! Your whole fucking styles a joke!
Yeah. queue the laugh track. See, your level? I'm pass that.
All my numbers up, like the NASDAQ
Speaking of stock? Your fans convinced, but these people are not
So do like February, n LEAP off my cock!
Cause I know you saw Baron X was peeping my drop
My cerebral of thought is Jean's, when her inner Phoenix unlocks'!!
Don't you ever disrespect me with n' early drop!
Worm or not? I'll turn this to an Agatha Christie murder plot!
Your little monotonous style ain't rocking the crowd (Nah)
Shots like Martin Sheen in Apocalypse Now
Game of Thrones, you won't topple the "crown"
Impossible, how he's throwing up Red but "It" will be MY shots at this Clown!
Uh. Catch him sliding like Cosmo Kramer
You're not a player. If so? I'm erasing all your data!
Too much "squares" in your "circle" to be in perfect "shape"
My body of work got up n' started curling weights (x2)

[Beat Switch]
Yo whole purpose? No purpose! Old verses check-in out...
On paper - no purchase, like known merchants!
Real shit, I chalk out kin.
Then chalk out a box that he can be chalked out in!
Yeah. This shit was overdue.
Kin's getting a lesson, don't need to go to school!
I mean, you be the judge... Objection overruled
He holding tools... to assist the mechanic...
You're bitch, we're on two different planets!
You gotta pay the toll... Nigga, your path of greatness?
Got ways to go..They ain't even paved the road!
My road of riches is made of gold. You're OK...
but what I say on daily basis makes brains explode!
You was in my private message trying to eye the presence!
You can't deny the essence is higher than pilot sessions
Messiah blessings - you got the "Eye of the Tiger", guessing...
Your pupils gonna die if I see 'em shining in my direction!
Egghead... I give kin, the surprise (Kinder surprise)
Visualize real talent looking into these eyes!
Uh. You're not a elite. The thought of defeat?
Is about as likely as Donald Trump apology tweet!!!