these rhymes exist between the physical and metaphysical
they're something that a sorcerer might use to begin a ritual
they're something that resembles an anachronistic edifice of full-
-y charged amulets that represent the hermetic principles
I've got a set of mystical
crystals with resonances you'll
sense even if you're a pathetic miserable
retched imbecile
I ripped off the head and bit the skull
of a man who tried to intercept my telepathic projected visuals

I'm a master of illusions
with huge looming profusions
of lucid dream inducin' potions I brewed in
a human skull, with caapi vines and cumin
a few men got contusions when they chose to intrude in my students
dissection of a cuban chupacabra's tracheal tube stem
spirits enter me and I attempt to remove them
by looking at them through an
interdimensional superlumin-
-al waveform viewin' carbon nano tube lense
And shootin' them through the loose ends
of supersymetrical hyper-loops when
my strange quark computer managed to quantum compute them
usin' bullets made of time crystals and anti-proton pollutants
from a nuclear test site on nibiru, run by mutants

strength is what survival is dependent upon
but humans took that notion and just sent it along
in a society that's run by schizophrenic nutjobs
where the pathetic's applaused
and if you lead a just cause
they say "you've said enough, dawg"
and your head is where they aim and let the lead to bust off

My heart is a stone chamber
shielded by my own anger
I'm the lone ranger
aborting good for nothing no brainers
who blow wankers
with coat hangers
made of throat cancer,I flow stranger
than an encrypted quartz crystal skull code breaker

I spit liquid laser beams with emission spectrums humans can't witness
while my lyrical fitness dips dipshits in acidic pits for christmas
and makes shish kebabs out of the halfwit's crisp, delicious
flesh, then I have a picnic
with six naked nymph chicks
you limp dicked sophist twit piece of shit bitch
you ignoramus cunt weasel bastard sack of fish sticks
you fallacious dishonest bag of twisted hypogryff tits
my murder method, even R rated films aren't allowed to depict it