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Thread: Freestyle mic night

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    Freestyle mic night

    So lets go!

    I sell shroom
    Its a bussines boom
    Just say that and i sell you meth
    My shrooms is good
    Its a food
    If you eat my shrooms
    The world will get more rooms
    Rooms is for rap
    And your pussy become wet
    You are bitch
    Your mother is witch
    Fucking fact is yout poor rap
    Bitches,miami in a full effect

    - fat

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    Re: Freestyle mic night

    I remember when I did shrooms and acid, fucked me up not good stuff I did tho like smoking shrooms gave me a great body high especially when u rip bong rips but I hope u were having fun with this one cuz I think u could do better bro , pzbwitU

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    Re: Freestyle mic night

    That sucked sorry kinda funny i guess... but no that sucked...

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