I was born in a crystal cave
my initial phase
was to manifest from aether in the form of distal waves
I resonated and reverberated for six whole days
until the crystals raised my frequency far past visible range
I self assembled my sentience in a blissful haze
sweeter than a multi-layered cake thatís triple glazed
my final form came as a space/time ripple maze
that cripples simple brains
with incredulous sonic riddle ray pistol play
I keep the unacceptable silenced
with egregious levels of exceptional violence
irreparable mind twist-
-ing rhymes of eclectical vibrance
de-testicaled tyrants
for their detestable spineless
deception, youíll die if
you question my hermetical science
your intestine, Iíll tie it
around your neck and Iíll bind it
my mental tentacles diet
on witch doctor medical clients
and dissolve their flesh with injectible knives that
resemble razor-sided venomated ventrical hydrants
I took your conscious state and vegetablized it
I take the rhyme to deeper depths and Iím diviní
for interdimensional diamonds
striviní to complete the quest and Iíll find it
causeí like a mortar and pestal Iím grindiní
Iím the excellent highness
with X rays in my exo-synapse
filled with so much THC itís like pine sap
your mind cracks
and the skyís black
when my rhyme hatched
like an extraterrestrial planet sized bat
that flies laps
around intergalactic space/time maps
tillí it starts at the same time it finishes itís ride back
I provide raps
that serve as celestial anthems
Iím the extraterrestrial phantom
my technical text feeds whole cans from
the cabinet of wsdom, enough to give all earthly clans some
My ways, you might find a bit strange
to avoid happyness I might hide in the pain
When I wake up in the morning, I take some vitamin A
then put on a new cranium and slide in a brain
I went to the past and tried to delay
the present, by dragging Santa through a maze while heís tied to the sleigh