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    N word

    The recipe for my madness
    is excessive exposure to faggots
    I’m far over the average
    Like a five leafed clover, in fact bitch
    When I’m sober I’m savage
    but when I’m high, there’s a motor imbalance
    that makes me spontaneously go for the slashin’
    chokin and stabbin’
    I’m trying hard I hope I can hack it…
    by which I mean your throat with a hatchet
    the average human is a self propelled gas bag
    with their recycled opinions and there stupid faggoty hash tags
    their like a hive mind, the masses eat trash bags
    full of propaganda, from repackaged, re-hashed ads
    for this politician and that shitty cash grab
    all I hear is blah blah blabbity blab blab
    it makes me wanna stabbity stab stab
    I’d happily stab av-
    -erage humans and crappily clad lads
    emulating the faggotry called swag
    And don’t get me started on these fucking disgusting people
    arguing over politics, every politician’s a fucking weasel
    Hillary and Trump and whoever else, they’re all fucking equal
    If you vote for anyone ever than you’re trusting evil
    It’s like giving your wedding ring to fucking smeagel
    I hope I’m fucking helping you adjust your cerebral
    fuck fuck fuck, suck my fucking wanker
    I’m an omni-hater
    plus a college karate major
    and human limb hockey player
    I added dead body flavour
    to my coffee maker
    while my pet zombie ate your
    ovulating sloppy banger
    in case you didn’t know, banger
    is british slang for/ pussy
    I fucked Emma with a coat hanger/ than gave her a cookie
    I thought she was cool at first but I guess the skank earned/ a good peak
    into the type of insane words/ that make her/ anger/ look weak
    I slayered her/ stretched her clit twenty acres/ and savoured/ it when I sealed her cunt with a stappler/ should seek
    psychiatric help
    but they might stop the neuroplastic wealth
    of raps that make plastic melt
    into the eyes of the average, welp…
    I guess it doesn’t matter if you kill those that laugh at health
    and trash themselves
    with massive bags of MSG and transfats, then belch
    you disgusting pig, jurassic belt-
    -ed fat bitch, your artery collapses, melts
    while they stuff you in an ambulance like “we can’t make her ass fit, help!”
    subdues your wisdom
    and you rely on wage slavery to produce your income
    most of your shopping decisions, computers give em’
    they monitor your habits and build suggestive algorithms
    your puny existence
    is truly a business
    hugely addicted
    to everything from the food to the pharmaceutically lifted
    mood we exhibit
    temporarily when you take the shit that
    they give you to continue to be sick with
    so you keep payin’ them and usin’ the shit, bitch
    the key to mental health is truly simplistic…
    avoid all humans, and don’t be a dipshit
    I hate life
    my only friend is a steak knife
    but he stabbed me in the face twice
    cause’ I wouldn’t play nice
    and use him to rape dykes
    in their waste pipes…
    what the hell did I just write?
    this is what Emma gets for being uptight
    she’ll get a cactus shoved right
    in her butt, yikes
    she has the right
    to remain silent and suck shite
    and don’t blame me for this shit, when someone gives me enough shite
    there’s no filter, I just type
    fuck “nice”
    This wasn’t even meant to be about you
    at first, but since you wanna sling insults, I guess I’ll show you how to
    now back to some subject matter that actually matters
    in the hopes that the facts will be gathered
    into your cranial cavity faster
    I absorb gamma particles from a massive reactor
    strapped to my back while I climb a gravity ladder
    and happily splatter
    battery acid in your eyeballs, and mathematically shatter
    the minds of the cops that come after me, after
    for assault and battery, bastard
    I psychopathically laugh for
    the whole time I craftily crash your
    brain circuits
    and make paper mache’ out of your epidermis
    I’ll never accept the worthless
    as worthy to walk the earth it’s
    bad enough that lil pump and 69 dress like they work at
    a fucking circus
    and rap like dirt, but their rich

    stop responding to feedback, one more time this will be closed.

    - staff

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    Re: N word

    I dont know man too complex for me simplify bro i dont really get ahat your trying to say..... its like your just trying too hard...

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