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Thread: Know vs RealizE (OPEN FOR VOTES)

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    Re: Know vs RealizE (OPEN FOR VOTES)

    Up up up and away
    Leave your pussy attitude at the door..

    ..along with ya purse

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    Re: Know vs RealizE (OPEN FOR VOTES)

    Quote Originally Posted by KnowP View Post
    Called me out of retirement, now I'm firing, aimed to precision
    The scope I'm aiming at your mouth with won't receive kudos at dentist visits
    ^ ehh
    Rediculous isn't it, you will live in a box with your favorite suit on
    I'll get rid of you almost for free, make discount more than a Groupon
    Too wrong, colder than ya girl panties letting cum shots linger
    She thanos, u gave that hoe a ring and she disappeared with the snap of a finger
    ^ nah
    You don't have that animal instinct, you won't survive in the ring with me
    With the rifle I'll go ape and pick off ya head without looking for things to eat
    ^ weak
    Get smeared in ya living room for crossing a face like mine
    Have yo ass slumped over on the couch like the lazy boy refused to recline

    Quote Originally Posted by RealizE View Post
    hink you can actually beat me? Well let's see..
    Because to Know and to realize are 2 different things..
    ^no punch
    And you ain't done either yet, I should slap ya like a loser..
    This guy's a legend? Yea on a site with 5 active users..
    I happen to be a vet, I was here when it was Poppin..
    And yea you probably got alot of wins, when the site started dropping..
    ^ mild
    I use to be a hot read, running these leagues..
    You itching to win this? Well my trigger finger got fleas
    ^no lol
    No'd I get stuck with a dude named nope?
    Only motion he gets is inside the court, do us a favor abort..
    ^ nadda
    Weak shit lol.. Didnt really feel much.. Real was a little statementish and knowp seemed like it was gonna hit then fell flat each time.. Tough call but i guess Vote: knowp .. Better attempts i guess

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    Re: Know vs RealizE (OPEN FOR VOTES)

    knowp wins

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