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    Biding my time

    Hello there, nice to meet ya. Iím new to this block
    Thought Iíd fuck around a bit while observing the clock
    Waitin for some chumps to stick their head up and battle me
    Get your tickets while their hot fer that there murdering spree
    See, I will not suffer wackness in all of its forms
    Donít come unequipped or toutin bullshit, as seems the normÖ
    For these stupid motherfuckers idolizing the tube
    Either come correct or bend over n' prepare for the lube

    I'm sorry. I'm probably doing this wrong, I just hope y'all can gimme pointers on etiquette before you ban me. I noticed that all of the posts here are mostly full track, but I also couldn't find a place to bullshit around with 16 bars.

    Prolly another breach of etiquette, but I got some questions about this site:
    1) What is a feedback link? Just responding to someone's thread with constructive criticism or thoughtful praise?
    2) Open Mic rule #6 says i can pay a feedback link to bump my thread...where can I see how many feedback links I have?
    3) Front Line rule #6 talks about free ups. Can someone please define that for me?
    4) Front Line talks a lot about posting links in your thread. I assume these aren't URLs, can someone please explain this to me?

    Sorry again...This is my first time doing anything with hip hop other than listening.

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    Re: Biding my time

    Nevermind...I can't figure out how to delete my account. If a mod sees this, feel free to delete me.

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