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Thread: Foul vs GrimmZReaper [Grimm wins]

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    Re: Foul vs GrimmZReaper [OPEN FOR VOTES]

    Grim: nothing, like usual



    -colorful verse
    -stuck in the past
    -reap what u sow was BOTB

    Vote: foul

    Absolute body. I don’t see how these fucking retards are even allowed to vote when foul CLEARLY had the better verse. I just hate grims style it’s so dated and corny.

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    "Chrome 4 5 singin cuz they still snitchin
    Pools in da livin room, swim to the kitchen"

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    Re: Foul vs GrimmZReaper

    Quote Originally Posted by Foul View Post
    U suck dick for a living and the feedback you get are proof you're the wackest
    If they say you had a colorful verse, they don't mean its dope, it just proves you're a faggot
    Tooo played
    using rainbow fonts and bolding multis is for irrelevant suckers, shits trash
    it won't matter if i clean your clock with these punches, cuz urs is still stuck in the past
    Too played but ok bc pers
    This mans not clever,he's ass forever, i'll leave this fag dismembered
    & make you reap what you sow, good luck putting your body parts back together
    Ok, rough wording
    I leave wiggers beheaded, floating in the hudson
    but you're so trash with that old ass style i'ma throw you in the dust bin
    Ur a white nerd, aint nobody scared of some xan popping prick,
    I hope you choke on a pilgrim, or die gagging on your ancestors dick
    Not feeling
    Quote Originally Posted by GrimmZReaper View Post



    - - - Updated - - -

    He got KOd by Notti, Fresh, AND even Joe Boston

    vs Greed (06/04/2014)

    Vs Notti (01/20/2016)

    Being on the Edge lately dont make u rated R any foul language is just hypin the faggot
    5 years and the only thing we ever got outta this foulmouth was the curse of a recycling habit

    Ehh so stretched

    The coffee shop rumor is u stay getting eaten for breakfast here and even more, lately it often seems to
    Ring true.I mean Notti rapped donuts around u, before u got Fresh roasted. and then Boston Kremed you

    Kinda dope. Stretched af and didnt need the coffee shop part

    And Id son those bums, teaching all whether within my radius or in reach underneath of the skies
    Even the blind could seeI Served my pupils on a platter, new meaning to the phrase a feast for the eyes


    Getting massacred by Fresh, Joe, and notti musta gave u anger issues,... still its no excuse for the Bitch u been
    I bet Your Avis a subliminal cry for help, Cause its clear u still sour from the 3 bags they zipped you in

    Lets put in plainly for em..dude how u keystyle bragging when u only contribute to our daily boredom???
    Your bars dont move the masses, cause we aint seen no one jump from a foul line since an 80s Jordan
    Eh ok
    Grimm got it for lotb

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    Re: Foul vs GrimmZReaper [OPEN FOR VOTES]

    I got grim taking this. Even though his lines were streched a bit he had more personals that seemed to connect. Lotb was def. Boston kremed u line but needed to be shortened. Foul had a good line "pill grim" was a good nameplay but seemed rest of verse was kinda filler. After 3 reads of both verses I got grimm up for better punchlines. Fouls style is nicer bit just wasnt as effective with the disses.


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    Re: Foul vs GrimmZReaper [OPEN FOR VOTES]

    Nothing. But...
    Your opener coulda been good. But ur concept was way too played out. Try to think fresher.
    Pilgrim coulda been dope but ur wording was wack.
    Pretty much just work on ur wording. And try to think fresher


    Boston creme- u said way more than u needed too here. Otherwise pretty good.

    Vote grimm

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    Re: Foul vs GrimmZReaper [OPEN FOR VOTES]

    5-2 Grim wins

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