Death, among other things,
Are spring tulips
Dried between the pages of a dictionary
In a bathroom littered
With tampon packages and syringes

Death, amongst other things,
Is no laughing matter
Like a pun or metaphor
About flowers and books.

Death and other things
Are always there waiting to be read.

Death, other things
fruitflies in the kitchen.

Death, among,
Other things being equal
All things becoming
Reaching backwards to the roots
Forming a circle.

Death, things,
Among others
Undo what was,
Let not be what will be.
It is unbecoming
To show up late to the party.

Death, among things,
Dandelions and tiger-lillies
Manuals and condoms
Insects, needles
But no death.

Everything pregnant empties
And death is there, finally,
Amongst the things.