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    Run Away


    After pusha T

    ďNever been much of a romantic... I could never take you into the sea... cause the look in your eyes is killing me... if one day you just up and leaveĒ

    Big boys come to check in
    And see I ainít check in
    but I felt it and I ainít do no checking
    Assuming or slicing
    While they dicing
    To finally feel - is that the first lesson
    And is this a blessin?
    I ainít the one for second chances
    Guess my whirl wind romances was porn to porn and thatís where we all left standing - I heard her moan (thru me) (so gross insanity)
    They say I shouldíve done better on my good girl gone bad
    But thatís whatís so sad
    Itís true, she just mad
    But itís inherent and inside of you
    Even on the switch you always gonna come back to you
    And I ainít built to be a mans whore
    Feeling like Iím punished cause I just wanted more
    I used to see them, a rack a day
    that was the day where happiness was lost
    and everytime I donít play
    My happiness tossed - why?
    And why you let them simple
    God above all
    Just trying to be like Jack, jack be nimble
    Am I gonna be the one sorry I asked
    Cause the good with the bad seem too much for the task
    And I feel- and I hurt and I cry and I shake and almost pass out
    Over the assumption of one man they think they just can pass out
    And that donít make you mad too
    In all their words the betrayal and what secrets do
    Iím tired of wishing I was ďmore like youĒ time over due
    And Iím glad I couldnít accept the basics
    Cute still stacking bracelets
    But you canít change what you think is broken
    And you canít let them hang me like Iím their token
    Itís not and itís time they all face it
    Loyalty - just wondering if they really can just erase it?


    I peeped you... where next to? Nah I didnít love him either


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    The guy I was with over 10 years - I don’t love him either
    Why does everyone think Iím a boy?

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    Re: Run Away

    Content wise you stayed on point, rhyme had a flow to it. Typically I need to see more vocab and deeper content. The this was coo,

    Am I gonna be the one sorry I asked
    Cause the good with the bad seem too much for the task

    All in all simpler effective, keep jotting...

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