Music Of Christ by Brendan Annandale

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Thread: Music Of Christ by Brendan Annandale

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    Music Of Christ by Brendan Annandale

    Music Of Christ

    Voices sing to me in melodic angelic tones
    delivering the tune of god and the music of Christ
    speaking bold with lyrics that reach the soul
    getting the message like a paranoid schizophrenic
    my religion's as instrumental as an orchestra plays
    no drums necessary to hear my heart beat
    melody supplied by my guitar picking it perfectly
    the good lords disciples always harping on me
    harmoniously playing the harmonica
    while my best friend mike sings along

    People dancing to the sounds, tangled in tango
    a step ahead of the competition waltzing past you
    with legendary music forever calling it classical

    Not the queen of mean, but we will rock you
    feeling more super.. nova then a pop star
    no other choice, then to listen to alternative
    magnetically lifting you up like heavy metal
    banjo strumming along, like a country song

    I never dance with the devil, even though he'd like to try
    Jesus Christ's got my fly- I've never actually been to heights this high

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    Re: Music Of Christ by Brendan Annandale

    The music of Christ is listened to and enjoyed by the people. Al the musical shows and review are marked for the channels for the field. The change of the new term is linked for the notification for the turns. The music is played for the lighthouse for trusted factors.

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