I Am Seeing A Lot Of Threads About Heartaches And Heartbreaks
The Toll These Trials And Tribulations Takes
The Unseen Damage It Creates
A Range Of Emotions But In The End The Heart It Shapes

Tried To Understand What You Love And What You Hate
Spent Nights Trying To Duplicate Your Mind State
Not Realizing That It Was All To Late
I Was Trapped Inside A Mistake That Was Too Great To Navigate

Were Walking A Slippery Slope These Jitters Alone
Have Me Feeling That I Can No Longer Cope
I'm At The End Of The Rope These Episodes Broke
Everything That I Hold I Put On The Blindfold As I Walked The Lonely Road

Breath Suddenly Slowed Heart Beat No Longer Controlled
I Tried To Decode Every Color Code
But The Hardness Began To Erode The Onset Of Panic Mode
Began To Bulldoze My Life Froze That's The Moment My Body Went Cold...