"When The End Is Near"

When the end is near, people will scramble to and fro
you do not know so i will tell you everything that you should know
to escape the harassment you'd have to move your home
into the abyss of space, or you'll get erased, so get moving on
acid rain, the earth in massive pains, the sky brews storms with a hellish fury,
Gods angry with people but to prove it you'd have to tell a jury
but the Lord makes the final rulings, hes the judge in the end
and they were living on borrowed time with nothing to lend
all i see is broken hearts and nothing to mend
trust me its bent, people having sex parties fucking there friends
every single person is found, of perversions abound
but they only ever happen when the curtains are down
this is the new revelation and trust me this versions profound
earnestly sound, and heard throughout all of the church's in town
these fags might hate life cursed for impersonating Christ
out in plain sight, but yet to experience the birth pains of life
they wear a suit to hide, the truth in lies, wolves in sheep's clothing
they're not my friends, so if they stop by then they're told to keep going
your homos, don't get it twisted mister like a tornado just hit ya
or ill end up blowing you off like a grenade that just missed ya
no surrender no quitting am i finally painting a picture
or are you too busy raping your sister, while the devils waiting to get ya
its graphic but true, me and the good lord are doing what were having to do
and letting Israel know, basically we're ratting on you
these people live a wildlife, camping out, each with a tent
having a gay parade daily walking down the street with there friends
they harass and stalk anyone who dares to call them fags
with so called pride, uniting themselves under the falsest flag