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    Time After Time

    Time after Time

    I guess time was of the essence and suddenly I remembered it all
    If you were left there watching, how, when and why did I fall?
    I traced I miss you in the sand and I called you out by name
    But I truly didnít know why, I guess I only do Iím insane
    And itís so imbedded in my brain... my heart, my soul, and my core
    And if we so real what the fuck do it feel like we even fighting for

    You didnít shake me all night long
    You left an impression of perfect that everyone since was just wrong
    And I know it could be just me
    But to feel, I never felt before, and to again now I see
    Why they say finally free


    Was I being spoiled did I want too much like everyone said
    Or was I just being honest letting go screaming I rather be dead
    Enough said
    Loyalty - I never got that
    And nobody ever loved me and thatís just a matter of fact
    Maybe it was the art of tact
    Walking alone, standing alone, facing a thrown I donít understand
    If I didnít get sick it was cause of it the cause of the comfort of your hand


    Just switching and flipping and id never steal part of you
    Tricks just keep tricking cause thatís all that they do
    There ainít even been a few

    (X4 ... I will be waiting)

    Alone on my pillow in the memories is still better then anyone I have ever had
    And to the core I keep hoping like a curse cause every lost anniversary date makes it so sad
    And Iím mad
    Do I have that right?
    I mean am I stupid to fight?
    For the light in the dark that adorns and wakened me
    I mean itís conviction alone I fight thru this misery
    And itís beyond comprehension
    Masterminded by a mind so sick
    but I hold to remember when the smoke clears, the air still remain thick

    Did you know what they did to me?
    Did you even care?
    Are you the knight in shining armour
    Or my reason for solo in ďbewareĒ
    Or are you just catching up?
    Whoís leading who?
    Itís all like a glitch in time with speeding clouds clicking in like a Deja vu

    They confuse me so easily cause I donít know and I never learned how to assume
    So Iím just sitting here staring and swaying side to side in my room
    Why does everyone think Iím a boy?

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    Why does everyone think Iím a boy?

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