I've had enough of this life
I've had enough of these rappers that suck with a mic
cause' the stuff that I write
could just fuck you up, and despite
the fact that everything I ever busted was tight
these dumb mumbling cunts are the type
who get all the views, and the bucks and the likes
cause' their lyrical substance is shite
and the average human is as dumb as a dyke
why does it seem like nothin' is right?

It's probably because I don't have shit
and 9/10 rappers that get
stacks spit
whack id-
-iotic fag shit
when the masks ripped
off of these fake ass bitch-
-es faces, their asses
are exposed as wit-
-less fags, posing as gangsta rap crips
I'm past pissed
that Lil Pump gets millions of views for his tracks that
make average
rappers look fantastic
I bet his ass is
a magnet
for massive
black dicks
that stab this
from the back, split
his elastic
ass cheeks in half, ripped
while I practice
raps that interact with
supersymmetrical paths bet-
-ween the quantum string latice
weaved into the fabric
of space/time, so back the
fuck off, before you get raped with a cactus
and get your eyeballs attacked with lit
burning match sticks

and yes I am jelly, but not of you
I want your money and fame, but I'd rather be dropped into
a giant pot poo-
-poo kaka stew
then drop a stu-
-pid fucking track that's dumbed down like I'm talkin' to
a bunch of little fuckin' babies, boo boo ga ga goo
a lot of dudes
know that you're whack but you got the views
so they could show all their friends, and just laugh at you

we've got a fuckin' problem here on youtube
if me and 69 battled, who'd lose?
he's got like one fucking track that I like, and the rest are just doodoo
your grill makes you look like you eat too much fruit loops
your hair makes you look like a fruit who lubes
up his anus and screws dudes
he's covered in stupid tattoos too
he looks like a huge boob
he raps like a noob, who knew
you could make it big rapping like a doofus, dressed like you have a hoo-hoo

you're all human waste,
hatred accumulates
till' I fume and pace
around the room and break
shit, threw a plate
through the eighth
TV that I busted, then I got electricuted, great
people tell me I'm losin' weight
I'm ready to feed rappers through a wood chipper till' their mutilat-
-ed and chewed to paste
from all the shrooms I take
you can make
mainstream rap too just take
a loop of gay
noises like "skrt" and slap them onto a break
that was obviously computer made
and rap on a SCUBA tank
full of helium,
and do your best to sound really dumb
to satisfy the average consumer's tastes

and I can't seem to think
of a way to increase the inc-
-come without leavin' behind everything I believe in, stink-
-ng on purpose while I wear jeans bleached in pink
and surgically get my cerebrum shrinked
so I can be in synch
with what people listen to these days, shit I can't find the reasoning
why people listen to these unseasoned, weak
MCs I eat
rappers with no seasoning

I'm sick of the dumb shit, ey
maybe now you'll bump this, ey

now that I'm sayin' shit like, ey
but in my opinion it's quite gay

my money so long, now I'm feelin' like Trump bitch
got a bad bitch, yeah her trunks big, ey
I don't really feel comfort-
-able rappin' like this, lil' pump is gay