You're thinkin' you rap like a devil, faggot you rap like a milksop
I'm the rap God with the chains that you mentioned, you can just call this a killshot

but I don't intend to restrain you or limit you
this chain is for choking each word that isn't true
out of your throat so I don't have to listen to
all the bullshit that this petty ass bitch has spewed
why the fuck did you wait till' I left to start spittin', who
does that? you look like a chicken, dude
I haven't been here in a week, I come back and see RM sneak dissin', tru-
-ly a bitches' move

You say you're a snitch, and for once what you said is right
ratting out my accounts to the administration
I've got enough to start a type one civilization
you're the schizophrenic type
who believes in a flat earth simulation
built by the 11th dimension's white
jizz incased in
Fioras cunt, so she can generate endless bytes
of binary impregnation
what is this senseless shite?
don't ask me, ask RM it was his creation

If reality's based on binary code, the algorithm is clear though
Fiora made me a type 1 to distinguish me from RM the zero

Are you a wolf or chimp? make up your mind,
no animal is like me, I'm one of a kind
nothin' alive
can come up with the rhymes
that I type, cause their derived
from the design
of the divine
and all I need is to type one line
to defeat this dumb swine's
cumbersome gibes

real eyes
real lies
so am I lying when I say RM likes to feel guys
eels slide
up his rear side
and steal lines
From Lil' Pump, while he eats jizz at meal time
the same 11 dimensional jizz that Fiora queefed into his congealed mind
clogged with the residue of insanity, so if he battles me he'll die

now you wanna talk about star wars
i though you should have known that my nerdiness is hardcore
you should join the stormtrooper core, you couldn't hit a barn door
a rancor carved your
guts out, slurped up your brains like carte' dor
while I recorded it on a holocron orb and made it into a darn porn
then Jabba the Hutt bought it for a hundred credits he said it was like an artform
You think Qui Gon is the only twit who can mind trick? Dooku's ability was far more
I'm a dark lord
Makashi cuts through ataru like cardboard

I have the information humanity ain't prepared to see
a real genius doesn't appeal to popularity
and dismiss the merit seen
in unpopular truths with uncommon clarity
or assume just because a popular vote isn't fair to me
it should somehow inherently
embarrass me
that the average human is an idiot compared to me
I don't care to be
honest, after all they're the sheep

I'm the untamed beast that you fear, I'm the best, insane with
the raps, and I leave your rep deflated
and swept away with
the current of the flow you under estimated
you support the institutions that desecrated
the earth, and made sure it was kept in stasis
your lying head deserves to be separated
from your neck and placed in
the depths of your retched anus
for calling yourself "illuminati" bitch, you need to be educated
you probably think people like me should be kept in cages
and medicated
for my incessant hatred
of anything domesticated

your disses are those of a daft twit
a batshit
loony halfwit
who believes the earth is flat, spits
whack id-
-iotic raps which
could have been crafted
better by a five year old on acid
he thinks he can surpass this?
as if...
this faggot
probably surgically removed his rectum and replaced it with elastic
so he could take a massive
giraffe's dick
without getting his ass ripped