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    Straight up

    I'm warped
    Bored out of my mind
    A bow and error
    in the wood of eternity
    hunting cheer like bright
    blazing deer in the night
    Hazy seers just might
    be caught in the rut

    A walking Stargate
    covered in hieroglyphs
    Smoking spliffs
    playing old fast punk riffs
    from the heart; era everlasting
    sentry of the soul
    letting prophecy unfold
    unfol unfo unf un u.

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    Re: Straight up

    I feel like you’ve gotta be an alias.
    Either way I didn’t really enjoy this.
    Besides it not really connecting together in any way
    The rhymes were pretty messy
    Maybe I read it wrong, certainly possible
    I’d like to see a more put together thought out piece in the future

    - - - Updated - - -

    Omfg I’m an idiot my apologies I thought this was in the open mic
    I realize this is a poem now lmao
    Disregard everything I said

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    Re: Straight up

    This was pretty good, Martyring. You had one line that really stood out with this piece, 'a bow and error' in the 'wood of eternity; good contrast on recollection. 'Hunting deer' was another good line I recalled. Good work on this. Reminded me of a hazy cowboy piece, was quite nice. Hey, I'm a seer and i'm not lost in the stagnation. I suppose I know exactly what you're talking about, and I enjoy it? Good work, man. Was quite nice in it's way. Good poetic poem. Was enjoyable, piece. Good to see poets like this out the wood-work. Good work, nice. Keep writing, hope to read more.

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