Bumble B Presents "The Glory We Seek"

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Thread: Bumble B Presents "The Glory We Seek"

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    Bumble B Presents "The Glory We Seek"

    The Glory We Seek

    Nations boast fateless woes while rocking hatreds clothes
    Standing united, all of creation hopes that salvations close
    To change the direction, of the games aimless perfection
    We need pray to a reverend, or even the angels in heaven
    People riddle and they ask why am I just middle of the pack
    While figures of the past, fell to deaths hand, little did they last
    Their aura was bleak, a wretched soul and never sorry to be
    Refraining from change, thirsting to attain the glory we seek
    Slavery earns an acute degree, till we’re perfectly viewed as free
    Certain the proof we need is found in versions of truth we seek
    Not a fan of lies, I analyze skys while others just fantasize
    No man alive can withstand the rise of times grand demise
    We’re no virgin to strife, wounded, cut deep, surgical like
    enthralled over curtains of hype, searching for a purpose in life
    Forever kings, wanting to ascend and spread our wings,
    Silent like a songbird who never sings, life’s endeavours sting
    Amplified by electricity, excessively when Thors hammers fly
    Trying to clean up our act and sanitize, our hands of crime
    A bunch of clones in suits who hide, boots and shoes are tied
    Buzzing from a governmental drugging trying to remove the high
    Pyramid power, the prisms alive like the wisdom supplied
    Our existence denied, like christians who die and witness the sky


    I never dance with the devil, even though he'd like to try
    Jesus Christ's got my fly- I've never actually been to heights this high

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    Re: Bumble B Presents "The Glory We Seek"

    Wow man I’m impressed at the rhyme ability here to be frank.
    I been in a long withstanding writers block, hope you’ll take the compliment when I say this is inspiring to an old rhyme junky

    Stay writing dude

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