Eminem through the ages (part one)

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Thread: Eminem through the ages (part one)

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    Eminem through the ages (part one)

    INFINITE (age 23)
    I got the technique
    to wreck beats,
    inject speech
    that'll make your head leak
    if your intellect's weak

    cause' I'm the motherfuckin' chief MC
    on a frequency
    that you'd need to be
    an alien entity to see

    and I can extend a fist
    to your battle league membership
    and dismember it
    with Einsteinian levels of cleverness

    I just smoked so much crack
    I threw up, ate my own throw up, jacked
    off to my own nutsack
    then showed up at
    my own concert screamin' "your flow sucks" that's
    why people say I should grow up...nah

    I'd rather use meth, shrooms and weed
    until I'm posted up in the restroom sweaty
    barfing like a jet ploom
    when I ingest too many
    and if you think I'm too high to molest you, Betty
    just step into the next room, and see
    if you can get you any

    and if any rappers disses me, I'll just pole-
    -vault with a flying kick to the skull
    and staple his foreskin to his butthole

    you might see me joggin', you might see me walkin'
    you might see me thrusting my cock in
    a rotten
    of haggis and hog in-
    -testines, cloggin'
    my noggin'
    with pot and

    or sticking my ass out the window, shameless
    flashing my anus
    and listening to macklemore playlists
    on eighty six cocaine hits
    while I arm wrestle a gay fish
    with eight dicks
    I'm still straight pissed

    EMINEM SHOW (age 28)
    I'm so sick of being rich and famous
    I'm ready to swallow a frickin' paint chip
    I frickin' hate this
    if you diss me you'll kiss the pavement
    I wanna fly away in Canibus's spaceship
    cause' I'd rather listen to his grating voice than listen to critic's statements
    plus my mom is such a fake bitch
    she takes six
    different drugs then sues me just for sayin' it

    ENCORE (age 30)
    I pooped my pants
    then I farted and did a dance
    my lyrics used to be advanced
    now I rap like a plant

    and hey
    dr. Dre
    is it gay
    to play
    dick swords with Santa on a christmas sleigh?

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    Re: Eminem through the ages (part one)

    I don’t know what to say about this cause the rhyme scheme was good, just the humor not my taste. I like the short sequence, it made the flow easy to follow - and I’m for the basics... less is more.
    Why does everyone think Iím a boy?

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    Re: Eminem through the ages (part one)

    Dude first of all props with giving us something comical. It's obvious you're not a fan of Encore, lol, but your Infinite was spot on and hella accurate. It seemed quite biased though, based off the albums you liked yourself rather than doing what you could to mimic the style and delivery, like some intense songs came outta Encore, (toy soldiers, mockingbird). Loved your imitation of the martial mathers LP, in the second stanza mostly. Flashing my anus, wonderful. Eminem Show was too dry for my taste, didn't have any fun reading that part but everything else was a blast. Bouta peep part 2. If you could return feed on my recent post "brainless" I'd appreciate it.

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