Eminem through the ages (part 2)

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Thread: Eminem through the ages (part 2)

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    Eminem through the ages (part 2)

    RELAPSE (age 36)
    I waited and watched
    while I masturbated my cock
    while the concept of rapin' a twat
    pervaded my thoughts
    invaded the place and I brought
    a blade that's serrated to chop
    her face and her fake tits off
    and I baked it and ate it to stop
    my craving for lady parts
    cause' when Shady starts
    contemplating his unsavory arts
    he gets a bit crazy, dark
    he takes three hearts
    up out the rib cage of infant babies, carved
    up and mangled like Shady's an angry shark
    so take heed of these insane remarks

    RECOVERY ( age 37)
    I'm not afraid, I'm not afraid
    to sing with popstars, to sing with popstars
    to get paid, to get paid
    but still drop some hot bars...

    we'll walk this road together, through the haze
    and we'll dive headlong into the maze
    that is my brainwaves
    and I will lead you, show you how to change your life and get saved

    you can try to predict my flow
    before I spit my flow
    but you will never eclipse my flow
    you're barely hip high, woah
    I quit my blow
    and saw my dick size grow
    like six times, so
    stop doin' that shit, my bro

    MMLP2 (age 40)
    Asooma dooma
    hooma booma
    who the
    can do what I do ta
    exude a
    aura this huge ya
    would have to have to project your voice through a
    korrelian tuba
    you a
    to lose a tuba lube up
    in your poopshoot, once
    I screw ya

    REVIVAL (age 44)
    Donald Trump fucking sucks
    he's a racist fucking cunt
    he wants to let the cops beat black people up
    cause' he's such

    a massive fucking dick with ears
    that's my new reason to be pissed this year

    KAMIKAZE (age 45)
    when a... new Eminem rap... drops
    drama, unfolds like a lap...top
    that's not
    what, I'd call a bad start
    back off
    fore' you get slapped twat

    everyone hates revival cause' I didn't mumble or use autotune
    so I'm bringin' Shady back on you bitches, and you'll just be like "damn, I didn't think he would drop so soon"

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    Re: Eminem through the ages (part 2)

    Again, biased. I feel you on Revival man but Kamikaze has been good to me. Fav part of this piece was the MMLP2, the creativity that went into this is awesome. Inspiring even. Your relapse was better thought out than the rest of it, def seems to be the more polished paragraph. Your recovery coulda used a little more but it got the point across.

    Overall feed from both part 1 & 2, I think you shoulda put more into the ones you weren't particularly a fan of. If you're gonna do something do it all the way right? That's how we push our creative abilities. You've for sure pushed me to have more fun with what I'm writing and not get too serious about the concepts. Reminded me what it's like to have fun with a piece. Look forward to seeing more

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